Is there a traveller on your holiday shopping list? Lucky you! We're an easy bunch to shop for.

Most nomadic souls already have a pile of travel journals, passport holders and luggage tags laying around. Want to know what we really want for Christmas this year? I’ve assembled a list of gifts for 11 specific types of travellers, along with links where to buy them. Easy-peasy!

All recommendations are our own.

Happy holidays! 
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Parks Canada bags

For the weekend-tripper

Parks Canada red and black buffalo check bagsParks Canada

These limited-edition, red-and-black buffalo check bags celebrate being a Canadian traveller without an emblazoned maple leaf. Proceeds support Canada’s special places: national parks, historic sites and marine conservation areas. Made in Canada. 

Price: knapsack $199.95; tote $399.95
ShopBuy it here

Bangs National Nomad High Top

For the traveller who flaunts it through fashion


Consider these canvas kicks a crafty manifestation of your USA bucket list. (Because there's nothing more satisfying than crossing items off your "to do" list - especially when it comes to travel.) Bangs fit similar to a high top Converse sneaker, are unisex and come with two fabric markers. Visit a state, colour it in. 

Price: $62 USD
ShopBuy a pair here

Buff’s Canada Collection

For the proud Canuck


Do these vintage-inspired Buffs make your heart flutter with Canadian pride? 

For a personalized gift, select a region from the 1867 Canada Collection to represent where your recipient is from, or perhaps an area of Canada they'd like to visit. These limited edition Buffs were designed by artist Cameron Stevens to celebrate Canada 150, and are only available in Canada. 

Price: $24

Bagsmart Universal Cable Organizer

For the tech-crazed traveller


Tired of finding your electronic cords tangled upon arrival? Bagsmart designed a small (think: approximately the same size as your iPhone) cable organizer to simplify the mess. Made of water-resistant polyester, the padded covers will protect your headphones, USB wall mounts, SD cards, extra batteries and more.

Price: $17.99
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Speakeasy Hidden Pocket Scarves

For the stylishly-safe traveller

Speakeasy hidden pocket scarves

We all want to keep our passports safe, but there has got to be a better way than a money belt. Avoid a fashion faux-paus, keep your important items hidden and cozy up in an infinity scarf with Speakeasy’s hidden pocket scarves. There are a ton of different patterns and each scarf is handmade in the USA.

Price: $44-55 USD
ShopBuy one here

Greater Skies Personalized Star Map

For the sentimental traveller

Greater Skies

Want to capture a special moment in time, in possibly the most thoughtful way? Perhaps a romantic Parisian proposal, the day you exchanged nuptials at your destination wedding, or a crazy memorable night of dancing under a Thai full moon. Enter Greater Skies personalized star map. Input a date, location and time and Greater Skies will produce a graphic of how the night sky looked in that moment. Add a customized caption to inspire all sorts of warm fuzzies in your gift recipient.

Price: $34.95 for a digital download or $94.95 for a print on high-quality photographic paper (free shipping to Canada). 
Shop: Buy it here

CCS G3 Grey Strapshot

For the shutterbug traveller

Cotton Carrier

Travellers know the dilemma well: to pack, or not to pack, a weighty DSLR. One thing making the choice easier for shutter-happy wanderers? Getting the DSLR off your neck and into a secure camera holster. First, fasten the camera-hub mounting bolt to the bottom of the DSLR. Next, affix the holster to a backpack strap on the shoulder or hip. A patented twist-and-lock function means the camera is snug and secure.  Your hands are free to high-five locals, pay a vendor or scramble ruins.  

Price: $79 USD
ShopBuy it here

Trtl Travel Pillow

For the traveller who can actually sleep on planes

Trtl Travel Pillow

There’s nothing better than sleeping through a long flight...and nothing worse than waking up with a kinked neck. Those U-shaped tube pillows look ridiculous and rarely feel good. The Trtl Travel Pillow was made to challenge traditional plane pillows and give you the neck support you deserve.

Price: $39.95 
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Alite Designs Meadow Mat

For the beach bum, festival-goer or picnic junkie

Alite Mat

Bulky beach blankets are a thing of the past. This lightweight, portable, waterproof mat features prime polyester fabric, straps for convenient carrying and loops for stakes (or sticks) to hold down your fort on windy days. Tote it from the beach to the park to a musical festival to your next camping trip to an afternoon picnic. Yeah, it’s versatile.

Price: $39+
Shop: Buy it at MEC or shop Alite Designs.

Fair trade coffee, jewelry and home décor

For the sustainable traveller

10,000 Villages

Find a gift that was handmade in a country your traveller has been to or still has on their bucket list. Ten Thousand Villages sells gifts, accessories, home decor, food items and more, all made by workers in disadvantaged places who are paid a fair wage, so you can feel good about buying these beautiful items.

Price: $5+
ShopSee the entire collection here

Handpresso Pump

For the coffee-addicted traveller

Handpresso W

Some of us can’t function without our daily dose of espresso, even on the go. This minuscule hand-pressed espresso machine easily fits in a backpack or purse and makes the perfect Italian espresso wherever you are.

Price: $129
ShopBuy it here

Canadian Traveller magazine subscription

For the armchair traveller

my passion media canadian traveller fan

A gift that gives throughout the year. Find words by Editor Terrilyn Kunopaski and even a few confessions penned by yours truly. Columns include snapshots, in short, 72 hours in..., shop, travel muse, unexpected icon, confessions and our destination features. We publish Canadian Traveller quarterly and editions can also be read digitally at no extra cost. 

Price: $17.95 - $29.95 - $36 (1-2-3 years)
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