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Jenn's holiday gift picks

Is there a traveller on your holiday shopping list? Lucky you! We're an easy bunch to shop for. If you're looking for a gift that's not hardside and mounted on four wheels - or a leather passport holder - you've come to the right place. I've assemble 15 awesome gifts priced between $14 and $220. Some are beautiful and wanderlusty while others are practical. All recommendations are my own; this post contains no sponsorship.

Happy holidays! 
x Jenn


2016 Cities Wall Calendar

Cities Wall Calendar
Credit: Rifle Paper Co

I love this gorgeous illustrated calendar because it doubles as an art print. Measuring 15 by 11 inches it's sure to inspire wanderlust and conversation. 

Featured cities: Venice, Cairo, Tokyo, London, Mexico City, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, New York, Amsterdam, Athens, Sydney & Moscow

Price: $26 CAD

Buy it hereAnthropologie or $26 USD at Rifle Paper Co


2016 Travel the World Desk Calendar

Rifle Paper Co.
Credit: Rifle Paper Co.

Beautiful artwork of far flung pockets of the world, printed on sturdy paper; what's not to love? This calendar is perfect for home or the office. If you have to be working, why not let these illustrations whisk you away during your coffee break? 

Featured destinations: Paris, the Almalfi Coast, Kyoto, London, Havana, Petra, Great Barrier Reef, Bali, Monaco, New York, the Serengeti & Iceland.

Price: $16 USD

Buy it hereRifle Paper Co.


A Very Practical Camera Strap

camera strap
Credit: hellolulu.com

hellolulu solved the bane of all photographers' existence: "Where did I put my lens cap?!" This punchy coloured strap has a snug holder for your cap that snaps secure. Plus - there's even a pocket for an extra SD card. You can stop wishing for a third arm now with this smartly designed camera accessory. 

Price: 36 USD - currently on sale for 23.80 USD (as of 12/13/15)

Buy it herehellolulu.com


Funky Camera Straps

Sarah Frances Kuhn
Credit: Sarah Frances Kuhn

Who knew a camera strap could be a fun, fashionable accessory? Fringe-accented, braided and high on personality, use it to dress up any on-the-road outfit. They're the vision of former Teen Vogue Accessories Editor Sarah Frances Kuhn.

Price: $125 USD

Buy it here: Ethiopique (pictured left) or Dijibouti (pictured right) 


Cheeky Luggage Tag

Owen & Fred
Credit: OwenandFred.com

This tag tells it like it is. Defending against grabby hands this tag tells off groggy travellers who might eye up your bag in a case of mistaken identity. This item is cut, dyed and stamped all by hand in the US. It's crafted of leather and also available in black. 

Price: $26 USD

Buy it hereOwenandFred.com


Money Clip

007 money clip james bond
Credit: OwenAndFred.com

Watching a Bond flick is one of my favourite ways to remedy a bout of wanderlust. From the comfort of an armchair I'm whisked away to familiar places like London and Switzerland, to the exotic locales of Macau, Bolivia and Khazakhstan. These money clips come in sterling silver, 18 karat gold plated, brass and solid copper. And if you don't care for 007 you can get it personally engraved with the name of your gift recipient. 

Price: $25-$45-$65 (USD)

Buy it hereOwenandFred.com


A Repurposed Carryall

Sword & Plough tote bag
Credit: Sword & Plough

I love the story behind Sword & Plough: fashionable and practical totes and carryalls made from repurposed military textiles that would otherwise be considered wasted surplus. What's more, American military veterans are employed in every facet of the business. They gain meaningful employment as designers, managers, sewers and even sometimes as models. 

Price: $219 USD

Buy it hereswordandplough.com


Hand-Painted Globe

hand painted decorative globes
Credit: Etsy: Whole World of Love

I have a strong conviction that the hours spent pouring over maps as a child are responsible for the chronic wanderlust I suffer as an adult. These globes are the embodiment of maps speaking to me. Any traveller would probably feel the same. 

Price: $96.77 CAD

Buy it hereEtsy: World of Love


Cork Globe

cork globe
Credit: CB2

Do you ever add items to your bucket list retroactively? Things you did but didn't think to put them on the list in the first place but deserve cred? When the world seems to so big and full of incredible places to visit it's good to remind ourselves where we've been. That's why I love this cork globe. Not only can you track where you've been, but you can pin small momentos to it as well. 

Price: $169 CAD - on sale for $143 as of 12/13/15

Buy it herecb2.com/cork-globe


Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes
Credit: Heys via theshopping channel.com

A few years ago my Mom gifted me some packing cubes for Christmas. Little did I know at the time, but these mesh, zip-top cubes would become my travel companions. I toted them through Europe and the US, and even backpacking through Southeast Asia. Turns out they fit just as well into backpacks as they do in suitcases.

Price: $39.97 (3 piece) - $83.97 (8 pieces)

Buy them heretheshoppingchannel.com/heys


Garment Bag

Garment Bag
Credit: Kate Spade

No need to mix used socks and unmentionables from clean. Or maybe you're like me and condemn them to a plastic bag. No longer. These darling little bags serve double duty, protecting delicates and sorting 'to wash' from 'to wear'. If you're at all crafty you could easily make these with heat transfer paper and a sewing machine. 

Price: $25

Buy it herekatespade.com


Phone Case Wallet

Phone Case Wallet
Credit: Bellroy

Don't overlook this item! There's so much more than meets the eye. It snugly accommodates three credit cards, cash and has a special slot for an alternate SIM card. Crafted of vegetable tanned leather (unexpected) and backed up by a three year warranty. Available in black, navy, rust, brown and charcoal. 

Price: $69.95 CAD, ships for free

Buy it herebellroy.com


Ultimate Multi-Tool

Zootility Tools
Credit: Zootility Tools

One tool, 12 applications. Did we mention it's 1 milimetre thick and the size of a credit card? It's TSA compliant to boot. 

Functions: bottle opener, flat screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, micro screwdriver, phone kickstand, letter opener, door latch slip, hex wrench, ruler, straight edge, orange peeler, banana nicker. 

Price: $14

Buy it hereshop.zootilitytools.com


Coffee Table Travel Book

Assouline - Gypset Travel
Credit: Assouline - Gypset Travel

This is one of my favourite travel books and if you know me you won't be surprised to see it featured here. Gypset Travel sits on my desk under a fist sized chunk of raw amethyst and serves as a constant source of inspiration. In this hardcover coffee-table style book writer Julia Chaplin lists her favourite gypset enclaves. Gypset is an ethos marrying the glamour of the jetset with the lifestyle of creative semi-nomads. From Lamu, Kenya to Goa, India Chaplin offers first person narratives complemented by stylish photography. This is a gift your boho friend will adore. 

Price: $50 

Buy it hereassouline.com


Magazine Subscription

gift sub
Credit: My Passion Media

A gift that gives throughout the year. Find words by editor Vickie Paget and even a few confessions penned by yours truly. Columns include snapshots, in short, 72 hours in..., shop, travel muse, unexpected icon, confessions and our destination features. We publish Canadian Traveller quarterly and editions can also be read digitally at no extra cost. 

Price: $17.95 - 29.95 - 36 (1-2-3 years)

Buy it here: Shop.MyPassionMedia.com. Have questions and want to speak with a human? Email Sheila, our lovely customer service lead at sheilar@mypassionmedia.com or call us at 1-888-924-7524.



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