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"The key to embracing winter is finding an activity that speaks to you."
What do Ernest Hemingway, Charles Dickens and Margaret Atwood have in common?
Pack up the car and get outta town - on the thrift
These aren't Caribbean waters - they just look like them.
Pack up the car and head to ''Canada's prettiest town''.
A short drive in any direction reveals these hidden gems

Beaches meet artisan food trails and markets - eat it all up in Prince Edward...

There's a place north of Toronto where winter really does become a wonderland.
The leaves are changing, ushering in festivals, epicurean neighbourhood tours & white water rafting.
This Canada Day celebrate in Ottawa with fifty thousand new friends.
If you enjoy gazing upon stunning masterpieces in magnificent surroundings, a visit to the National Gallery...
A symbol of Dutch and Canadian diplomacy, over a million tulips will bloom in the...
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