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Prince Edward Island is known for many things: lighthouses, lobster, beaches, potatoes. But one attraction you might not expect is the sheer volume of talented artists that call this humble island home.

From antique collectors to backroom jewelers to handmade quiltmakers, Islanders have a flair for artistic pursuits. My four-day Prince Edward Island road trip was filled with Celtic music, cultural crafts and more unique souvenirs than we could’ve hoped to carry home.

Here are three of my favourite artisan shops in P.E.I.:


1. Dunes Studio Gallery & Café,

Brackley Beach

Dunes Studio Gallery & CaféAlison Karlene Hodgins

An eclectic collection of funky furniture, garden statues, handmade gold jewelry and paper art, Dunes Studio Gallery is a destination all in itself.

Wander the garden full of sitting Buddha’s, face sculptures, thrones carved from twisted trees and stone fountains that shoot into luscious ponds.

Dunes Studio Gallery & CaféAlison Karlene Hodgins

Inside, a spiral wooden staircase leads to a sun-drenched rooftop garden, where infinity pools look across the decorated gardens towards the ocean.

The bottom level is home to a cozy café. On the middle level, colourful tables, worldly decorations and unique paintings inspire even the least artistically inclined person to consider an artsy upgrade to their living quarters.

Dunes Studio Gallery & CaféAlison Karlene Hodgins

Dunes Studio Gallery & CaféAlison Karlene Hodgins

But outside is my favourite. An array of seats you can sink into are found behind brilliant green fauna, tucked away in corners that make this much more than a shop, gallery and café—it’s something else, entirely.

Address3622 Brackley Point Rd, Brackley Beach, 
Phone: (902) 672-2586


2. Of The Island,

Murray River

Of The IslandAlison Karlene Hodgins

Katherine is all bustle and smiles as she introduces me to her antique and vintage store, Of the Island. Named after Anne of the Island, Of the Island carries authentic glass bottles, dried wildflower petals, hardcover books and racks of clothes. Katherine introduces me to George of the Island, her puppy who lazes in a cozy basket beneath a display at the front of the store.

Of The IslandAlison Karlene Hodgins

Shelves are arranged by colour and design. Katherine amiably tells me about local farmers' markets and the active Esty community, where some of the artisans featured at her shop also sell their goods. Just across the street is the Old General Store, which also sells unique handcrafted goods.

I’m touched by the humility, encouragement and community vibes. It truly feels "Of the Island".


3. Shoreline Design,


Shoreline Design, Georgetown©Tourism PEI / Emily O'Brien

Shoreline Gallery looks unpretentious and inviting when we roll up. With a stunning ocean backdrop, this quaint, red-painted shed houses handmade sterling silver and gold jewelry, stitched leather purses and soap carvings made by owner Peter, his daughter, and a rotation of artistic employees.

Shoreline DesignAlison Karlene Hodgins

“We are the most unique shop on the island, and probably the highest grossing, too,” Peter tells me proudly. “We have seven employees and they all make their own artwork.”

Shoreline DesignAlison Karlene Hodgins

Peter invites us into the backroom, where he is mashing cut stone into pendants that will become necklaces. “We sell them for a fraction of the price that you’ll find at the big retailers,” he explains, “and we only sell from this location.”

As I admire the rocks being fashioned into rings and earrings, one thought sticks in my mind: P.E.I. has some dang impressive artisans.

Address: 40 Water St Georgetown 
Phone: 902-652-2240


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