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Does the thought of sitting poolside on a beach lounger drive you stir crazy? Prefer to stretch your legs, feel the wind in your sail or pull yourself through the water by paddle?

Us too.

If the nag of listless inactivity threatens your holiday, find the antidote on Prince Edward Island. Coastline, lakes, Confederation Trail, fairways and enveloping Gulf waters remedy boredom. It's not so much what to do in PEI, but where to start. 


I Want to Ride My Bicycle:

1. Scenic Road Cycling

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At 435 kilometres long, Prince Edward Island's Confederation Trail spans the island. It can be tackled by foot in sections or over the course of a multi-day trip, but a bicycle trip is a more rewarding feat. 

Flat, rolled stone makes for smooth cycling. You won't need technical skills to ride, but you will need to share the path with other riders and pedestrian traffic.

Pack up the panniers and enjoy the rolling farmland and coastal views that look as if they were pulled straight from a postcard.

Need to rent a bicycle? No problem: find a complete list of rental companies here


2. Mountain Biking

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Prince Edward Island's rolling, wooded hills offer excellent trails for mountain bikers of all skill levels.

Brookvale Nordic Centre, Gairloch Road Trail, and Beck Trail offer some of PEI's best mountain biking trails. There are over 40 kilometres of single- and double-track to tackle, with 'flowy' trails for beginners and challenging loops that will put veteran riders' skill to the test.

Contact Cycling PEI for more mountain biking information. 


Get Wet:

3. Kayaking

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With forest-lined waterways, peaceful lagoons and 1,100 kilometres of sand-skirted shoreline, islanders love to spend their time out on the water. Head out into the Gulf of St. Lawrence at North Lake to watch the fishing boats haul in their catch and enjoy the quaint cottages on shore or get a look at the island's more natural side in the Oultans Island area. Both of these popular kayaking trips feature their own unique delights, but great paddling can be found almost anywhere on Prince Edward Island.


Cast a Line:

4. Sport Fishing

Sport fishingcopyright Tourism PEI Berni Wood

In Prince Edward Island, fishing is an industry, a tradition and a hobby. Don't settle for taste-testing in a restuarnt - get out and try the sport yourself!

Fishing charters throughout the island give travellers a chance to experience deep sea fishing. Try your hand as a lobster fishermen or reel up a monstrous Bluefin Tuna as it breaks through the waves. Come for the allure of eating huge catches of mackerel, cod, herring and tuna, and stay for the sport of it.


Hit the Par:

5. Golfing

Golf©Tourism PEI John Sylvester

Prince Edward Island is home to over 25 golf courses, such as Crowbush Cove, Green Gables Golf Club, Brundell River and Glasgow Hills Golf Course. From novice to expert, these manicured greens offer guests tranquil settings to improve their game.

Find Canadian Traveller's favourite courses here:


High in the Sky:

6. Kiteboarding / Parasailing

Kiteboarding©Tourism PEI Yvonne Duivenvoorden

Prince Edward Island's shallow bays and steady winds have recently made it a popular destination for those serious about kiteboarding, the fastest growing water sport in the world. Nothing beats the sensation of gliding across the choppy waves with the help of nothing but powerful winds. The brisk waters are sure to wake up your body and invigorate your senses.

Parasailing©Tourism PEI Stephen Harris

Another way to experience PEI's water is with a bird's-eye view, from the harness of a parasail.



7. Go Birding

birding prince edward island©Tourism PEI / Shirley Gallant

From searching for threatened barn swallows and gold-crowned kinglets to spotting the majestic Great Blue Heron swooping over the seas, Prince Edward Island is an excellent spot for even casual bird watchers. The island is home to over 300 different species of birds, not including those that migrate to the island throughout the seasons. Even those that don't come to the island for bird watching will be sure to pick up an interest.


Search for Hidden Treasures:

8. Geocaching

 geocaching©Tourism PEI Stephen Harris

Geocaching has changed the way we explore, transforming the whole world into one giant, unending treasure hunt.

Throughout Prince Edward Island, there are over 7,000 different treasures waiting to be found, with 1,800 of them hidden along the Confederation Trail. The search for treasure will take you to some of the most beautiful local hotspots. The reward you find will make a unique souvenir. Remember to leave something else in its place.


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