Who said accommodation had to be an afterthought? Lodgings can elevate your travel experience or even be the sole reason for leaving home. Staying at local B&Bs and cozy cabins involves you in the daily life of a place while giving you a glimpse into the local history. If you haven’t yet experienced the magic of Haida Gwaii, these 15 swoon-worthy wild coast cabins may give you reason to visit.


Grampa’s Guesthouse


grandpa's guesthouseRichardson Ranch

The Richardson Ranch has been welcoming guests to Haida Gwaii for generations. Seven, to be exact.

“I am 63 years old, and this really was my grampa’s house,” says Don Richardson, owner and operator of Grampa’s Guesthouse. “My grandson is the seventh generation to live on this ranch.”

Surrounded by farmland, located on the banks of one of the best fly-fishing spots in B.C. and minutes from the beach, Grampa’s Guesthouse is a quaint property. The guesthouse's interior is overflowing with antiques. There is a seasonal herb garden that yields fresh vegetables for guests to pick. The ranch doesn’t have cell service, making it a perfect place to re-charge your batteries (while letting your cellphone battery die). However, for those who can’t leave home without it, there are still modern comforts, including wifi.

Book it here: lovehaidagwaii.com/richardson-ranch


Cacilia’s B&B


Cacilia’s B&BLove Haida Gwaii

The colourful stained glass that is a signature of Cacilia’s guesthouse was designed and installed by Cacilia herself. Pots and pans hang above the island in the kitchen; the beds are lined with timber frames. Bookshelves, artwork and funky décor abound. This spacious two-story log house sleeps up to 15 guests. The unspoiled, scenic surroundings with views of Hecate Strait are ideal for nature lovers and explorers.

Book it here: lovehaidagwaii.com/cacilias-bed-breakfast


Sitka Cottage

Tlell River

bower beach shacks

Sitka CottageCourtesy of Sitka Cottage

Sitka Cottage should be synonymous with “bliss.” Cozy up with your family, escape on a couple’s getaway or feel rejuvenated on a solo vacation. Bird-watchers will be enticed by the flocks that gather near the Tlell River, which runs through the property, while nature-lovers will be drawn to the edge of the old-growth forest. Like something out of a fairytale, Sitka Cottage is a clean and comfortable island retreat.

Website: lovehaidagwaii.com/sitka-studio


Lynn’s Place


Lynn's Place Haida GwaiiLove Haida Gwaii

lynn's place sandspitLove Haida Gwaii

Lynn and Jim Scott graciously welcome guests to their property in Haida Gwaii. The guesthouse’s main draw is its beautiful private garden, which Lynn prunes to perfection. The self-contained unit is within walking distance to the beach. Sheltering trees and blooming flowers afford the property’s privacy. The cozy gazebo and natural setting make it a peaceful place to unwind.

Book it here: lovehaidagwaii.com/lynns-place


Seaport B&B


Smillie's GuesthouseLove Haida Gwaii

This historic B&B was one of the first accommodation options on the island. Since its humble beginnings, it has had a major facelift. The new guesthouse was designed and built with comfort and escape in mind.
The guesthouse was a collaborative work: friends, family, neighbours and local carpenters erected the building in 2011. It has rustic touches, such as pine ceilings and cedar decking provided by small local mills. The ensuing setting is warm, comfortable and welcoming.

Book it here: lovehaidagwaii.com/moresby-explorers 


The Float House

Queen Charlotte Wharf

Float Housethefloat house interior

Moored at Queen Charlotte Wharf in Haida Gwaii, The Float House is a relic of the past. Weathered by its environment, this water-locked cabin fits into its surroundings like a natural feature of the landscape. It was built in the 1970s and has held many residents, survived countless storms and even taken journeys beneath the waves. It is now permanently tethered on calmer waters, making it a secure shelter for guests seeking unique accommodation in Haida Gwaii.

Book it here: gckayaking.com 


Rose Harbour Guesthouse

Gwaii Haanas

Rose Harbour cabin woods naikoon haida gwaii
Over 160 kilometres from the nearest main road, yet a mere 8 kilometres from SGang Gwaay's World Heritage Centre, Rose Harbour is a secluded escape. Located on the only private land in Gwaii Haanas, it can only be reached by boat or plane.
The hand-built guesthouse was constructed by the owner out of locally recycled material. Guests can expect a unique, ocean-front property surrounded by pine trees, bird colonies and untouched nature.

Book it here: roseharbour.com


Smillie’s Guesthouse

Port Clements

Smillie's guesthouse

Smillie’s GuesthouseLove Haida Gwaii

Lorette Smillie is undoubtedly passionate about her property. Her background as an interior designer fueled her zest to create a space where she would want to stay. “It’s been a dream come true,” Lorette says of her B&B, “When we found this house, we couldn’t stop staring at the view. It is such a beautiful spot.”

Rooms are individually decorated with guest’s comfort in mind. Guests can enjoy breakfast in bed, which includes fresh farm eggs and seasonal fruit. Privacy, comfort, room service and an unbeatable location make Smillie's Guesthouse a stand-out property on the shores of Masset Island.

Book it here: lovehaidagwaii.com/smillies-bed-breakfast


Delkatla Boathouse


Delkatla CabinThis 1.5-bedroom beach cabin overlooks Masset Inlet and the Masset Harbour. It takes its name from the old wooden boathouse situated on the property, which was once used to repair, build and supply ships in Masset. Today, the boathouse sits unused behind the main house, a relic of the past. The guesthouse’s balcony, patio and living room yield fantastic views and double as private sun-tanning spots. If you’re lucky, you might spy Haida Gwaii eagles perched in the trees less than 5 metres away.

Book it here: gohaidagwaii.ca/delkatla-boathouse


All the Beach You Can Eat

Naikoon Park

All You Can Eat BeachSwap light switches for sun, trade air conditioning for wind, and exchange hot water for waves and rain showers. Owner Lisa Sweanor invites guests to “come experience 50 shades of green” at this little slice of paradise. Every summer, she rents out five swanky cabins that offer guests an endless buffet of surf and sand. Each cottage is unique: there’s Sweetypie, Whale House, Ravenshoe, Frogmore and Octopus. Although they all differ slightly, there are several constants: each cabin features breathtaking views, the salty smell of the sea, and the morning alarm clock of singing birds and gently lapping ocean waves.

Book it here: allthebeachyoucaneat.com


North Beach Cabins

Naikoon Park

North Beach Cabins

Wake up to the sound of the waves lapping at your doorstep (well, almost). There are four self-contained, eco-tourism cabins for rent just 16 kilometres out of Masset. Surrounded by lush vegetation and the roaring ocean, you’ll have to share the sandy beach with crabs, scallops and clams, which you are can harvest for mealtimes. Proper equipment can be rented for scavenging (along with kites and boogie boards, for your adventurous side).

Book it here: northbeachcabins.com


Absence of Time House

Queen Charlotte

Absense of Time

Absense of Time

In operation since July 2016, Absence of Time House seems to exist in a different world. Slip into serenity as soon as you enter this enclave, which boasts phenomenal ocean views from the living room to the bedroom. Large skylights and plentiful windows flood the guesthouse with natural light. Unlike other properties on the list, you won’t have to sacrifice power, electricity and wifi in this luxury lodging.

Book it here: Facebook.com/Absence-of-Time-House


Highwater House


Highwater House Hotel Haida GwaiiLove Haida Gwaii

You’ll only need to drive 10 minutes from the town of Masset to find this snug treehouse overlooking the ocean. Highwater House is situated on a 3-acre property containing plenty of spruce trees, natural fauna and views of the Sangan River. Its secluded and remote location on South Beach will offer you plenty of privacy and a comfortable sleeping arrangement for up to four people. Not to mention the bathroom has heated floors. The hardest part about staying here will be leaving.

Book it here: lovehaidagwaii.com/highwater-house


Uproot Guesthouse


uproot guest house haida gwaiiLove Haida Gwaii

Indoor and outdoor baths. A double-head rain shower. An outdoor BBQ, crab cooker and complimentary wine. What more could you want? Perched on the edge of the rainforest, Uproot Guesthouse is 10 minutes from the wildlife sanctuary, local shopping and the marina. Wifi comes at an extra charge, so take the opportunity to disconnect and simply enjoy.

Book it here: lovehaidagwaii.com/uproot-guest-house


Bower Beach Shacks

North Beach

bower beach shak

These unique cabins on Graham Island have wood heat, electricity, running water and beach access. “Spare Girl” is a log cabin that comfortably sleeps two in a bedroom-loft with a queen-sized bed. “Blue Door” has a gorgeous design (including, appropriately, a blue door) and is suited for a family of 4-6. With panoramic views that sometimes yield glimpses of the Northern Lights right from your bed, “The Bower” has space for you and 5 of your closest friends.

Book it here: haidagwaiibeachrentals.com


Hiellen Longhouse Village

Tow Hill

Hiellen Longhouse VillageLove Haida Gwaii

Six cozy cabins and a roomier longhouse/hostel comprise the Hiellen Longhouse Village. More camp-style than guesthouse, these rustic log houses are equipped with beds, cooking necessities and indoor bathrooms. If you’d prefer to rough it, there are 6 tenting sites available.

Book it herelovehaidagwaii.com/hiellen-longhouse-village


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