Emily Heeb

I'm Emily and I'm a freelance writer from Fort Wayne, Indiana. I am an avid camper and hiker who picked up the bug at a young age, I have just about visited all the places worth seeing in the Indiana, Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin area as well as other places in The Unites States and Canada. I am an avid supporter of animal rights and also an advocate for better environmental practices that lower pollution and keep the environment I love so much healthy. I have one dog named Nibbler (yes, he is named after Nibbler on Futurama), a Pug/Jack Russell Terrier mix, who has been my constant partner in crime. On the weekends I volunteer at the local Fort Wayne animal shelter in which I adopted Nibbler with my boyfriend. In my spare few moments of free time I enjoy cooking new recipes from cuisine all over the world and playing more than a few different video games, though in the summer time I enjoy a leisurely day of fishing just as much as a good hike.

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