Talia Wooldridge

I have been traveling solo since I was 18. Well, technically since I let myself out of the house at 4 years old for an early morning adventure. My work and curiosity has taken me throughout the Americas, Europe and the Caribbean, including extensive time in Brazil and Cuba for my research into Latin American music. You can follow my passion for music and travel in my new travelogue: www.movetoyourownbeat.com I have been writing and publishing outside of travel since 2007. You can read those pieces at www.taliawooldridge.com. I love dialogue. I love making people think. I love languages and the power of words. I also love music, nutrition, neuroscience, psychology, meditation, sustainable design, astronomy and animals. I have worked in film and television for the past five years as a Visual Researcher since earning an MA in ethnomusicology. In my spare time, I run Music Can Heal, a non-profit that places live music into hospitals, hospices and wherever needed: www.musiccanheal.org.

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