The Salon du Chocolat is an annual trade fair for the international chocolate industry. The event started in Paris, but has been hosted in cities all over the world, including New York, Tokyo, Moscow and Beijing In 2014 it is returning to Zurich for the third time.

The Salon du Chocolat is by far the world's sweetest trade show. It attracts all the big names in chocolate as well as a crowd of candy-craving followers that are more than eager to sample the newest confections that are about to flood the market. Oskay

Across the 5,200-square-yard show floor, chocolatiers, patissiers and numerous other chocolate experts will be sharing their sweet visions and providing presentations about their future chocolate creations.

For those craving to see how the perfect pieces of rich silky chocolate are made, the Salon du Chocolat hosts daily demonstrations in its Choco Demo space. Every day during the trade fair, different Swiss chocolatiers, chefs and pastry chefs will take to the stage and reveal how they make some of their most delectable chocolate creations.

There is little a long standing philosophy among the experts at the Salon du Chocolat: to be able to truly love chocolate, one must first understand it. Within the Chocosphere section of the trade show visitors will discover the impressively expansive universe of chocolate and unravel its secrets. The lectures given there cover everything from wine and chocolate pairing master classes to sustainable cocoa harvesting practices.

For those who brought the little ones with them, the trade show offers the Chocoland area in which parents can drop their kids off until they have come down. This area welcomes children from the age of four to 10 to learn about the world of chocolate in a creative and playful way. The kids are educated about the art of chocolate-making, and then they’re given their own station and chef's hat and they begin cooking. And after they have created their masterpiece, they get to eat it.

The show isn't just about chocolate, but other confections as well, including pastries. For those who want to learn the tricks of the professionals, it hosts pastry workshops each day. Visitors have a chance to learn unique tips from professional and world-renowned pastry chefs before rushing back home to try their hands at re-creating their masterpieces. Different classes include Mousse au Chocolat, Cookies and Cakepops, Turnovers, Cupcakes.

One of the larger exhibits at the Salon du Chocolat is the annual art exhibition that is sponsored by Byblos Magazine. Every year before the trade show, the magazine proposes a theme based on a problem in the world. Artists create unique works that are auctioned off at a later date. Up to 35 per cent of the proceeds are donated to help solving that problem. This year the theme is 'Chocolate, a Luxury For All' and the proceeds will go to fight poverty and world hunger.

There is one event that draws the biggest crowd and can absolutely not be missed – the Chocolate Fashion Show. Yes, you read that right: A fashion show, with beautiful clothes, made from both fabric and chocolate. This is the only place in the world that combines the sweet silky goodness of chocolate with the aesthetic feast of fashion. Every year chocolatiers team up with innovative fashion designers to create their own unique idea for the runway. The 2014 show includes such duos as Patisserie Ducobu & Alice TopArt, Confiserie Sprüngli & Edgar Balseca and Confiserie Speck & Denise Batumike.