Tilley is a household name synonymous with craftsmanship, quality and timeless and for that reason, whether on a safari in Africa or strolling alongside Lake Ontario, there is no better travel companion than a Tilley hat. We here at Canadian Traveller love the brand so much (I even have a dog named after it), that we put together a guide showing you three ways to style your Tilley on the next big adventure.


Out exploring

Credit: Patrick Socha 
Credit: Patrick Socha 

From bustling city streets to calming azure waters, landing in any new destination is exciting! Hit the streets as soon as you land and discover the hidden gems of the city with camera in hand. For a day of sightseeing, rock a romper for an easy outfit that requires no mixing and matching. Throw on a pair of comfortable sandals for a day of walking and top it off with the Rebecca sun hat for protection from the heat. 


From beach to dinner

Credit: Patrick Socha 
Credit: Patrick Socha

Delight in sun, sea and surf on your next beach vacation and soak up those rays. After a long day of play, a long, billowy dress in ocean-inspired hues is ideal for the beach. Grab your Audrey sun hat and wander barefoot in the sand for a picnic dinner or a candlelit feast. 


On the move

Credit: Patrick Socha 
Airport 2
Credit: Patrick Socha 

After enjoying a leisurely and relaxing vacation, the last thing you want to do is plan a comfortable airport outfit. Go with a no-fault combination – soft, loose pants, a billowy top and sneakers for catching last minute flights. The Toy4 Jackson hat is the perfect finishing piece to cover up frizzy, salty hair after one too many days in the sun. 


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