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Where next?


Young Gen Z’s travel influence


traveler backpackerSteven Lewis

Thought millennials were driving travel trends? Make room for Generation Z. The 2019 Virtuoso Luxe Report says Canadians born in 2001 or later are persuading their families to book increasingly active and adventurous trips to less conventional places. Expect more to come: as of 2019, the world’s Gen Z population inched past the millennial set (32 per cent compared to 31.5 per cent). Gen Z kids are craving unique experiences and the Virtuoso report names Iceland, Galapagos and Cuba as the top three off-the-beaten path family destinations. Also on the rise are multi-generational trips and “skip-gen travel,” where grandkids and grandparents jet off together while mom and dad stay home. (We think that's genius!) 

Leader of the (solar) pack


Frangipani Beach ResortFrangipani Beach Resort

A pristine, tranquil island like Anguilla deserves to remain that way. Family-owned Frangipani Beach Resort, with just 19 rooms and suites, is setting an example in environmental sustainability. With the recent spring completion of a solar panel field made up of 800 photovoltaic panels, the sun can power 70 per cent of the resort’s needs. Air conditioning, water heating and water production are all offset. The panels are both functional and beautiful, designed to resemble the aquamarine sea off Anguilla’s stunning white sand beaches. Let’s hope more hotels follow in Frangipani’s green footsteps.

Eco-thrills in the Riviera Maya


Hawk ride | Xavage by XcaretHawk ride | Xavage by Xcaret

Adventure-seekers looking for pulsequickening thrills will find them at Cancun’s newest eco-archeological park, Xavage by Xcaret. Activities are named for Quintana Roo’s wildlife. On Hawk, fly face-first with arms extended while 20 metres above the ground on a 400-metre-long zip line. Paddle canals on a Crocodile kayak trip, climb the kidfriendly ropes course called Howler Monkey, or zoom on the high-speed Dragonfly jet boat. Guests of the luxury all-inclusive Hotel Xcaret Mexico get free admission to Xavage and eight other Grupo Xcaret parks, but day pass admission is available too.

Get the stress out


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G AdventuresG Adventures

If your stressed-out self would rather curl up in bed and stay home than deal with planning trip logistics, G Adventures’ new Wellness tours are just what the doctor ordered. Launched in June, these small-group trips aim to help you achieve mindfulness, movement and nourishment with slower itineraries, stimulating activities and healthy cuisine. Ten itineraries are featured for the remainder of 2019, with more to come. Head to Nepal for a traditional prayer ceremony in a working monastery, find your balance in Costa Rica with stand-up paddleboard yoga, soak in Thai hot springs, meditate at the foot of a Colombian waterfall, or listen for glacier calving in Patagonia.

A high-flying meal


Dinner in the Sky PeruDinner in the Sky Peru

Dinner in the Sky PeruDinner in the Sky Peru

In Peru, “dinner in the sky” usually means dining in Cusco, a city where most visitors experience the appetite-suppressing side effects of altitude sickness. But it's now possible to enjoy a sky-high breakfast, lunch and dinner just outside of Peru’s coastal capital of Lima. Dinner in the Sky Peru sees a crane lift guests 45 metres in the air to enjoy a gourmet meal of Peruvian dishes while admiring views of the Pacific and the ruins of Pachacamac, a pilgrimage site that’s even older than the Incas. The meal lasts one hour and can accommodate up to 22 diners.

Holy ship, what a transformation!


Celebrity SummitCelebrity SummitThis spring, Canadian Traveller visited Puerto Rico to tour the recently revitalized Celebrity Summit. Her dramatic bow-to-stern transformation is part of Celebrity Cruises’ $500-million fleet-wide modernization effort. Guests slumbering in suites enjoy access to The Retreat, a chic private sundeck (hello pool butlers!) and lounge space. Collaborations further elevate Summit’s offering, from eats to entertainment. Signature dishes designed by Chef Daniel Boulud and Chef Cornelius Gallagher – both men know a thing or two about Michelin-star dining – are served at Luminae. (Yet another reason to upgrade to Suite Class.) And on select itineraries, guests can admire the immense talents of the American Ballet Theatre. Tag along as Canadian Traveller tours one of Celebrity Summit’s 2,530-square foot penthouses. Watch the video here: