405 days.

That’s how much time has passed since I bid Canadian Traveller readers adieu to start a maternity leave.
Having returned to my desk, somehow nothing has changed and everything has changed.
The good news is, we still exist.
The bad news is, we still have no idea when international travel will resume, which—if I’m being laughably trite—is integral to our business model. Last winter, with heavy hearts we published our final print issue for subscribers and in spring, shipped the last of the Experience The World boxes.
So, what’s next for us?
I’m happy to say that My Passion Media is committed to the Canadian Traveller brand.
For the time being, we will operate as a digital publisher, producing articles for canadiantraveller.com, and sharing and engaging on our social media channels.
When USA-Canada travel resumes, we will continue publishing special interest guides for print, most notably America Yours To Discover.
We’ve also used this down time as an opportunity to re-examine the CT mission.
I’m pleased to share our new brand mantra with you:
Travel that nourishes mind and body, people and planet. 

This is the lens we will use to guide editorial direction and the recommendations we make to our readers. (And perhaps more importantly, those we don’t.) We expect our paid partnerships to align with these values, too.
In the next few months, we will focus on Canadian staycations while probing travel-adjacent topics that touch on important themes like sustainability, racism and overtourism.
If this all sounds like your brand of travel, I invite you to keep reading canadiantraveller.com articles, subscribe to our E-newsletter, follow and engage with us on social media and if the mood strikes, you’re welcome to fire me an email.  
Jenn H