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What sparks your sense of wander?

It's a question that Collette's new Explorations brand is asking travellers, as a way to understand the reasons people love to travel. So we thought we'd ask Canadian Traveller contributors the same question. What did we find? While everyone might have different responses, the things that spark our sense of wander are never tactile – it's never the desire to eat great food or visit certain monuments or hike a certain trail. Instead, it's always visceral and deep; it's about connecting with a feeling and experience much greater than ourselves. Here's what they had to say:


Connecting with culture


Every time I travel somewhere new, I’m surprised at how quickly I feel at home in a culture outside my own. It always comes down to the people. It doesn’t matter that we look different or don’t speak the same language – human connection can be found anywhere. It never ceases to amaze me and continues to spark my sense of wander.

- Megan Honan, @meghonan


To be awed by nature


To stand in awe of nature, to be humbled by a towering mountain peak, to be blown away by the immensity of sand dunes in a desert, or rendered silent by a giant, roaring waterfall; such encounters spark my sense of wander and remind me that I’m just one small player on this glorious planet. Nature is king.

Doug O’Neill, @dougoneill


A desire to see beyond the headlines


As a writer, I’m acutely aware of the media’s role in filtering the stories we see and hear about places across the globe – but there’s only so much those stories can tell us. So we form impressions without a true understanding of the places and people we glimpse on the news, labelling certain countries or cities as “dangerous” and the people that live there as “different” from us. Lines are drawn. Sides are chosen. Misunderstanding grows. It’s been a huge privilege to get visit destinations (from Sri Lanka to the South Side of Chicago), to meet people who are proud to live there, and to truly understand why.

- Corrina Allen Kiersons, @corrinaallen


My roots


Growing up, I was often asked, “Where are you from?” I’m an eclectic mix of ethnicities (Macedonian, Irish, German, and Nigerian), so strangers seem drawn to the mysteries of my makeup. As an adoptee, I, too, have been curious. My desire to trace my roots sparked my interest in travel, which has broadened into a curiosity in other cultures too.

- Bianca Bujan, @bitsofbee


The great unknown


I want to be pushed out of my comfort zone. I want to exit my day-to-day and experience life in another country. To wander the streets of a city where I don’t know the language; to figure out my travels like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. I want to challenge myself on long treks in unfamiliar surroundings. I want to know what someone else’s day-to-day is like. That’s what sparks my sense of wander: a thirst for the great unknown.

- David Webb, Editor of Explore Magazine, @davidebwebb


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