Maybe it's the heatwave talking, but this might be the best thing to come to our attention all weekend:

The Ontario Ice Cream Trail.

I became aware of this trail-to-end-all-trails when I paid a visit to one of the stops – Tracey's Dairy in Renfrew, Ontario (try the Bearclaw. Trust me).

Naturally, I had to know more.

What is this path to heaven and where exactly does it lead?

Turns out, there are 25 shops, 61 stops and more than 938 flavours from one corner of the province to the next.

But if you can't do the whole thing, you can find the best ice cream near you by visiting the website.

Seriously though: Could there a better way to explore Ontario this summer? I'm not so sure. 

Anyway, this is simply a PSA because life is short and ice cream is amazing.