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Nestling cozily in the Swiss Alps, no other town quite exemplifies the Christmas spirit like Lucerne. With its massive Christmas markets and decorated pine trees, this picturesque Swiss town comes alive during the month of December...

Pine Boughs And Bright Lights

Pine Boughs and Bright Lights is a brilliant Christmas tour that takes travellers through Lucerne’s seasonal attractions. As you ramble through the city, the tour guide explains how pine trees found their way into living rooms during the Christmas season and the history behind the Advent calendar. There are also some rather humorous stories about local traditions.

The Mechanic Nativity Scene

When Christmas rolls around the town’s Museum of History joins in with the Christmas spirit. Outside the museum there is a mechanical nativity scene featuring Mary, Joseph and the Three Wise Men.

Lucerne Christmas Market

There are a few Christmas markets in Lucerne, due to it being such a big city, and they are all equally great in their own way. Some are small and cater to districts within the city, while others are huge, like the Christ Child Market, where 50 festive stalls bring the holiday spirit to an otherwise dreary train station.

As Lucerne brings together so many different cultures, many of the stalls within the Christmas markets will have Christmas themed items from the vendors’ homeland. The Christmas market of Venite caters specifically to these other cultures. Some 20 different stalls host vendors from 20 different countries, making this market a melting pot of the most beloved holiday season.

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All Aboard The City Train

The City Train provides informative non-stop tours around Lucerne. The tour starts in front of the five-star Hotel Schweizerhof Lucerne and lasts around 40 minutes. Guests do not have to worry about straining to hear the guide over the city noise, as the whole tour is given on an audiotape that’s available in eight languages. This is a relaxing way to enjoy Lucerne's Christmas flair and at night, its Christmas lighting.

Classic Walking Tour

This tour is best paired with the City Train tour. The train tour provides a quick tour around the city, while the walking tour can be customized depending on just how much of the city you want to see. The minimum tour is two hours long, but they also offer half day and full day tours with meals included at some of the most popular restaurants throughout the city.

Live On Ice Lucerne

Live on Ice is a December-only event that happens on three beautiful ice rinks throughout Switzerland. Part figure skating extravaganza, part Christmas light show, Live on Ice takes place in Zurich, Kusnacht, and, of course, Lucerne.

In Lucerne, the event takes place on the ice rink in front of the KKL Culture and Convention Centre. This ice rink allows guests to sit and enjoy the show while overlooking the city, mountains and romantic Lake Lucerne.

Each year a different light artist takes the helm of the show. This year it is the brilliant Gerry Hofstetter for the third time. This brilliant light show paired with a marvelous view of the city is what makes this event such a must- see in Lucerne for during the Christmas season.

Winter Magic On Lake Lucerne

The Winter Magic Tour that runs only during the month of December takes travellers to Lake Lucerne. Each year the Vierwaldstattersee shipping company celebrates the Christmas season by providing these beautiful winter water tours.

The festively-decorated steamboat Unterwalden takes revellers around a portion of the 30-kilometre reservoir for two hours. You’ll be pampered with local culinary delicacies while you take in the sights of the nearby Swiss Alps and the city of Lucerne.

Christmas Hotel Seeburg Lucerne

Even Santa Claus needs a place to lay his head at night, and while he may not stay at the Hotel Seeburg, it certainly looks like Santa is about to make an appearance. The Christmas Hotel Seeburg in Lucerne is like a glowing beacon among the city of lights that is Lucerne.

The Hotel Seeburg is truly a winter wonderland and goes all-out each year to get into the holiday spirit. With over 300,000 lights that line the building, the trees, and the bushes walking up to this hotel is like walking up to a winter palace. The hotel also hosts over a dozen Christmas trees topped with shining stars around the grounds.