Here at Canadian Traveller, we’re no stranger to subscription boxes. Our Experience the World Club brought different countries to our Canadian members for over two years. Our sister publication explore’s Live the Adventure Club continues to equip and encourage members across North America to get outside. We love the surprise, affordability and uniqueness of Canadian subscription boxes.

I also love wine.

Vinnified is a subscription box that delivers wine from Canada’s quaintest wineries. This struck me as a great way for Canadians to experience micro-vineyards while we can’t travel widely. We can sample a taste of other provinces while staying safe at home and indulging a little.


Each delivery includes three or six bottles of wine. Think of it as a mobile tasting room, complete with snapshots from the winery that explain the tasting notes of each bottle.

The box I received contained three wines from a small region in Ontario: Prince Edward County. I’ve never had the pleasure of visiting, but I’ve heard it’s beautiful. I was excited to be transported there.

None of the wines were anything like the BC varietals I typically pick up at the local liquor store. I tend to stick to Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. With the new wines I received, I was truly drinking “out of the box.”


The first wine I used to cheers on News Years Eve was from The Grange of Prince Edward. I was surprised by the acidity and sharp citrus notes of the Ombre Gris, 2018. As someone who prefers dry, full-bodied red wine, this one didn’t hit the right notes for me.

Chadsey’s Cairns Winery PTO from 2019 is described as an “incredibly unique vintage,” and I have to agree. Micro-bubbles make it a calm carbonated beverage with notes of plum, sweet cherries and blackberries.

Lastly, the Redtail Vineyards 2018 Pinot Noir had tasting notes of dark berries, a perfumed aroma and a lighter body compared to the heavier, smoky reds I typically drink. This was my favourite.

Even though the wines weren’t perfect for my preferences, the experience of opening wines I never would have chosen myself was exciting and enjoyable. It opened me up to trying new things, which is always a positive thing—especially during the mundane, repetitive days of the pandemic.


Vinnified is working to expand into other Canadian wine regions like BC. Shipping is available nationwide. Find more information here.


Note: We received a complimentary three-bottle box from Vinnified, described here.