People don’t fit snugly into categories—we’re much too individual for that. However, there are certain similarities that travellers tend to share. Generally, nomads are open to new experiences, passionate about what they do and eager to get the most out of life.

Travellers can be further sliced up into a few distinct groups based on defining characteristics, such as where they go, who they go with and how they pack. Labels can be helpful when figuring out the best way to do something. For instance, different types of travellers will benefit from diverse luggage styles, depending on their tastes, needs and desires.

I’ve separated travellers into 5 groups: the Minimalist, the Family, the Modern, the Business and the Backpacker. Read the descriptions, find the type of traveller that most resembles you and learn what type of luggage you should be carrying on your next trek.


The Minimalist

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Okay, you’ve bought your tickets for two weeks in Thailand. Time to make a packing list: tank tops, shorts, sunscreen... more tank tops? If you’re the type of traveller that struggles to fill even a medium-sized suitcase, or whose vacations typically last just a day or two, then the carry-on option may be for you.

Most North American airlines have begun charging a fee for checked luggage. However, carry-on luggage is still free! The chances of losing your carry-on are slim to none, unless you have a few too many complimentary beers en route and forget it onboard. Bonus: you don’t have to wait with the rest of the exhausted passengers at the luggage carousel. Thailand, here you come! 

The perfect carry-on will have plenty of pockets and sections to separate your damp swimsuit from your important travel papers. Tommy Hilfiger’s “Scout” is on the larger side (21.5 inches) with expandable space just in case you pick up a few souvenirs on your voyage. The blue-and-navy, soft-sided bag rolls smoothly on four wheels and has two outer pockets for easy access. Plus, it’s gorgeous.


The Family Traveller

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Not only do you have to pack for you, but you have your partner, parents and children relying on you to whip out everything from diapers to band-aids to books for the duration of your travels. You will need a suitcase that won’t break your back but is sturdy enough to handle all the toys, princess dresses and fake swords you may need during your trip. Remember to keep all the toy weapons in your checked luggage, or you may experience some delays!

Ultra-lightweight luggage may help you meet weight requirements. Soft shell cases absorb shock better than hard ones, and are less likely to become dented in transit. The TravelPro "Maxlite" 28 inch suitcase has a polyester exterior that is water repellent and durable, as well as expandable space. The four ball-bearing wheels are designed to spin 360˚. Three handles make grabbing it off the baggage belt a breeze.


The Modern Traveller

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Whatever it is—phone, MacBook, Ford F150—you have to have the latest model. You need the newest technological equipment to accompany you on your travels, as well as the most up-to-date case to carry it all in. Luckily for you, suitcase technology has caught up with the rest of the electronic world, in the form of a Smart Case.

Planet Travel has designed the ultimate, most responsive Smart Case on the market. Called the "Space Case 1," this suitcase has some wild features. Encoded with a fingerprint scanner in lieu of a lock, this suitcase can charge two devices on its exterior and one more inside all at once. Equipped with Bluetooth, a global tracker, a digital self scale, a personal concierge and an anti-theft response, the Space Case 1 is truly out of this world.


The Business Traveller

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You’re always the best dressed person on the plane. In high-heeled black boots and a freshly ironed blazer, you look as though you’ve just come from an important meeting and are on your way to another one. Settled into your first-class seat, you’re the last person to turn your smartphone onto airplane mode and slip it back into your classic black briefcase.

Mancini’s 17.3 inch leather wheeled case is both luxurious and exclusive (it’s only available online). Beneath the smart sliver clip, specific holders are designed to carry your personalized cards and pens. The interior has a sleeve that can accommodate up to 17 inch laptops. The exterior features a retractable handle and subtle dual wheels for effortless transport.


The Backpacker

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You’re probably the grubbiest person on the plane. You can’t remember the last time you showered. Or changed shirts. Do you have another shirt? Whatever. You’ve got the most important items: headlamp, hiking boots, polyester everything. Now you need the perfect way to carry it.

In case your title didn’t give it away, you’ll want... a backpack! These vary in size, appearance and function. The most common size for an extended trip is somewhere between 50 litres and 75 litres. Shell out the extra cash for a waterproof cover, tie your hiking boots to the outside and stretch the cover overtop whenever giving your luggage up to transport officials.

When choosing your luggage, it’s best to divert from pure black. Even a pop of colour in something as subtle as a bag tag or ribbon will help you identify your luggage. Obvious locks and security measures tend to ward off thieves. Keep your name and contact information accessible on your bag in case it needs to make its way back to you.