Where do you go to eat when you have kids in tow with your in Tokyo? Grab some chopsticks and try these places...

Baby King Kitchen

As the sign outside suggests, Baby King Kitchen caters equally to kids, so visitors looking for a kid-friendly restaurant instantly get the feeling they have arrived in the right place. This cafe is meant for kids, but the interior design keeps things classy with crisp white linen table clothes and comfortable leather seats – although the indoor swing, slide and library of children's books does give away its child-friendly mantra.

This restaurant mixes the atmosphere of a proper restaurant for adults while providing entertainment for children. The food isn't quite as refined as visitors will find in other restaurants, but it makes up for this with sheer volume. The children's lunch plate, for example, comes with hamburger, battered king prawn, fried eggs, rice, salad, sausage and a small dessert. The sheer amount on that plate is enough to fill a grown man, or at very least three children! While some sections of the menu aren't exactly authentic Japanese fare, it is still tasty. Most of the dishes come with happy little smiley faces drawn on the food in appropriate condiments just to pique the kids’ interest.

Dear Kids Cafe

Dear Kids Cafe is a lot like Baby King Kitchen, but the menu doesn't appeal as much to adults. It is instead filled with everything kids love, such as pasta, pizza, omelettes, fried potatoes, chicken and hamburgers. Unlike Baby King Kitchen, the portions are more appropriate to children's tummies. There are a few things about Dear Kids Cafe that do appeal to the weary adult, such as both a premium quality liquor bar and sushi bar, for those craving something Japanese rather than the more Western staples that children love. There is also a play area inside the restaurant that is sure to entertain the kids while allowing for parents to unwind.


For parents who want a kid-friendly restaurant that still maintains a certain degree of class, then the Chano-Ma Tea Room is the place to visit. This 21st century tea room is quite special. It has a very hip and modern Tokyo-style indoor with mattress seating and beautiful views of the city. Visitors order a bunch of dishes that are served family-style to the table on mammoth wooden trays. Most of the menu is traditional Japanese comfort food, along with some experimental dishes, however there are also small burgers, pizza and pasta from the West to keep the picky eaters interested. There is a small play area to keep the kids entertained, without sacrificing the very mature interior and menu.

Bills Odailba

This franchise has quite a few locations across Japan, but the outlet in Tokyo is the largest and the newest, created by Australian chef Bill Granger. Like many of his restaurants, this one is built by the water, just a short distance from the Shonan coastline. The interior of the restaurant offers a beautiful contemporary setting, but it is the food that really steals the show. The scrambled eggs and pancakes are legendary at this restaurant. Granger is all about introducing kids to new tastes and textures, with Wagyu burgers, crusted parmesan schnitzel and garlic mashed potatoes all on the children's menu.

Tokyo Baby Cafe

Unlike King Baby Kitchen and Dear Kids Cafe, visitors shouldn't be fooled by Tokyo Baby Cafe's name. This restaurant is as much for the parents as it is for the children. It hosts spacious changing rooms and nursing rooms as well as a healthy stock of picture books and toys. This allows for parents to relax as their children play safely while not causing utter mayhem around the restaurant. The menu caters to all ages with wholly organic food. It serves up Japanese fare for the adults and a tasty mix of Japanese and Western dishes for the children.


This is less like a restaurant and more like gigantic play place. This massive indoor play complex is sponsored by the educational toy importer and retailer BorneLund Ltd. With the cyberwheel, air castle, circuit and baby gym, there is a whole slew of wondrous activities for children to enjoy. However, there is a restaurant upstairs. Kids can enjoy Japanese curry or a hamburger while the adults dig into tempura or fresh fish along with a beer.