Celebrity Cruises recently hosted a grand reveal of its new ship, the Celebrity EDGE, which will be setting sail in December 2018.

I was lucky enough to take part in the preview, which took place in Miami. The immersive 3-D experience allowed me and other attendees to tour the upper decks of the ship and I must say: I was blown away at the full-sized staterooms, not to mention the technology and connectivity. 

Designed around the core tenet of better connecting to the ocean, this long-awaited reveal surpassed even the highest expectations. Celebrity’s first ship new in six years and first re-design in 10 already had clients clamouring to book as soon as the site went live earlier this week.

Among the features that garnered the most interest, and that will make the new EDGE the most advanced cruise ship in the world, are the following:


Stateroom size.

Stateroom size

The standard balcony stateroom size across the industry is approximately 15 square meters, with the Celebrity Solstice-class ships being slightly larger at 18 square meters.  EDGE’s will be much larger at 21 square meters. All suites and double occupancy rooms will be outfitted with king-size beds, electrical outlets in the bathroom (that can handle more than just electric shavers), a slide-away vanity table that creates more living space, and a beautifully-designed desktop box that conceals USB ports and both North American and European electrical outlets.


Cabin balconies.

Stateroom size

Edge Stateroom with Infinite Veranda View

The Celebrity EDGE has physically been constructed differently than any cruise ship before (for an interesting look at the history of cruise ships and how and why EDGE is being built differently, take 16 minutes and check out 6:55 to 23:40 on our Facebook Live recording here. Balconies will no longer be an extension of your cabin, but rather a part of it. French doors will allow passengers to close off the balcony area from the rest of the cabin, or to leave it open and use it as living space. The design for the balcony “railing” is two large windows – one above the other. When closed, you’ll have a floor-to-ceiling view of the ocean, however, with the push of a button, the top window slides down to create more of a traditional balcony, still with top-to-bottom views of the ocean.


The Retreat

The Retreat Sundeck

The Retreat Sundeck

For exclusive use by suite guests, The Retreat has a pool, Luminae Restaurant, a lounge and a separate concierge desk. Rather than have these areas spread around the ship, suite guests will be able to everything they need right at their fingertips.


Iconic Suites.

Stateroom size

Iconic Suites

The largest and most exclusive on board, these two 2,600-square-foot suites are situated directly above the bridge. With 82 feet of floor-to-ceiling linear glass, a 700-square-foot veranda and 270-degree views EDGE’s Captain Costas Nestoroudis said that Iconic Suite guests will have a better view than the crew!


The Magic Carpet.

The Magic Carpet.

The Magic Carpet

On a ship full of elements and details that are sure to revolutionize cruising, none will perhaps do so more than the Magic Carpet; a 90-tonne platform the size of a tennis court that will be cantilevered over the side of the ship and will serve both as a tender-boarding platform when on deck 2, and as an extension of public areas on the ship. When alongside deck 5, it will serve as outdoor seating for the restaurants; when on deck 14, it will become a part of the pool area; and when raised to deck 16, it will be used for a ‘Dinner on the Edge’ experience that promises to be like no other. For a one-minute clip of its presentation to the media, click here.


Smartphone-based technology.


Six spacious cabanas line the starboard side of the deck.

Fumbling for cabin keycards will be a thing of the past on the EDGE; when you get within a short distance of your cabin, its door will unlock automatically. For passengers who tend to accidentally deprogram their keycards, this will be welcome news indeed. In addition, for passengers who like to see what goes on behind the scenes, they’ll be able to use their phone to literally see through walls on the ship into crew-only areas. Attendees at the reveal could point phones at a logo on the wall and see what was happening behind it, in real-time. Areas to be featured have yet to be determined.


The app that passengers will be able to use both leading up to their departure and while on board.

Magic Carpet restaurant

Pre-cruise, a dedicated app will send passengers notifications, and allow you to pre-book dinner reservations, theatre shows and excursions. While on board, it will act as a sort of personal assistant that will provide a full guide to the ship including maps, restaurant descriptions and reviews, schedules of events and recommendations. You will be able to build your own schedule by simply saving events to your personal calendar. What perhaps drew the most excitement is its ability to order a drink through the app, no matter where you are on the ship. You will be able to look up the bars around you or to choose a drink and have it delivered to you anywhere. Crew will be able to locate guests’ phones within two feet. Talk about first-class service!


With a maiden voyage scheduled for Dec. 18, 2017, this 2,900 passenger ship will be based at Port Everglades. To book your cabin, contact your travel professional or click here... and prepare to be amazed!