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If you’re looking to plan a trip this fall, why not follow the crowd? There’s always a reason a place is popular – whether it’s the attractions, the climate, or the people. Whatever the reason, these popular destinations are some of Canada’s favourites, according to the Hotel Price Index. The following list shows exactly where Canadians are choosing to spend their hard-earned travel dollars. These destinations have, time and again, drawn travellers from around the world – why not be one of them?


Top 5 destinations within Canada:

Toronto – This versatile city has it all and can appeal to visitors of all backgrounds and interests. Average daily hotel prices for the first half of 2012 remained consistent with last year increasing one per cent to $141.

Montreal – We love French culture, French people and French food, so Montreal is our obvious local fix when we want to soak it all in. This island also has “oh-so-charming” cobblestone roads which, while not heel-friendly, give it a special feel. Much like Europe, the prices are a little steeper and with an increase of two per cent, average daily hotel prices sat at $154.

Vancouver – This city has a mild climate, arguably the best sushi in the country and a variety of neighbourhoods for shopping. It’s also very popular with international visitors who picked it as the number two destination following Toronto. Speaking of mild, the increase in hotel prices was just that, up one per cent with an average daily hotel rate of $144.

Edmonton – This ‘festival city’ is known for more that festivals and its oversized mall. It has loads of history, including Canada’s largest living museum, and this month the already exciting Telus World of Science has a Star Wars exhibition! We know you’re sold. Plus, the average daily hotel prices are the most affordable of the top five at $134, even with an increase of seven per cent.

Ottawa – Our nation’s capital bumped Niagara Falls out of the top five in 2012 proving that, to Canadians, you can be both politically-focused and popular. Average daily hotel prices increased four per cent to $147.


Top 5 destinations in the US:

New York City – Flashing lights, Broadway, cheesecake...need we say more? The Big Apple continues to be our number one go-to destination for travel outside of Canada, but average daily hotel prices aren’t cheap and have increased six per cent from last year to $257.

Las Vegas – You might not always win money here, but the experience alone pays for itself. Vegas is a longstanding favourite amongst Canadians and its affordable hotel rates definitely add to the appeal. Even with an eight per cent increase, the average daily hotel rate of $113 just means more time at the slots!

Orlando – Is the home of Disney, Seaworld, Legoland and more. This city is family-friendly, warm and fun! Orlando kept its number three spot and even with a 17 per cent increase in their average daily hotel rate, remained affordable at $112.

Chicago – This Midwestern city is the birthplace of U.S. President Barack Obama and was the home of the renowned television show with the lady that can go by one name – Oprah. It also has deep dish pizza, loads of public art and the famous Chicago Theatre. Average daily hotel prices are also in the middle having increased 12 per cent to $182.

Seattle – Much like domestic travel, the fifth spot for international travel was also home to a newcomer in 2012. This time, west-coast Seattle crept up to overtake another ocean-side city, San Francisco. Average daily hotel prices also increased eight per cent to $155.