Sydney is a glittering playground of sandstone wearing a skirt of white sand beaches. While many visitors choose to indulge in the sea and the sport that everyone in Australia is so fond of, Sydney has grown into one of the world's most cosmopolitan cities - a multicultural hub that has blended the cultures of its many immigrants. Beneath the city's glittering external beauty lies a luxurious world of eclectic pleasures. It is not hard to have a luxury vacation in Sydney when much of the city is catered towards a high class experience.

Take In A Show At The Sydney Opera House

opera Linh Truong

There is nothing more iconic and representative of Sydney than the Sydney Opera House, which serves as a focal point for not just the harbour, but for the city itself. Many who travel to Sydney on a budget choose to view this venue from afar or take a tour of the interior. However, for luxury travellers, there is no more memorable experience of this city than to take in a show inside.

Don't fret about the Opera House not having a show playing during your visit, there is rarely a single day in which the Sydney Opera House is not hosting a world class event. Whether it is La Soirée, The Magic Flute, or a Turk in Italy there is sure to be a magnificent opera playing during any given visit. Standing tickets for the show are cheap at a mere $30; however for premium ring side seating or a posh table it can run visitors from $119 to $169 per seat.

Splurge As The Park Hyatt Hotel

Located just across the harbour from the Sydney Opera House is the Park Hyatt Hotel. On the outside, it certainly looks luxurious, but the Park Hyatt takes luxury to the next level by playing home to the most expensive hotel room in the city.

At $16,000 per night, the two-bedroom suite comes with uninterrupted views of Sydney Harbour, a $9,000 toilet which plays music while it warms and massages the bottoms of guests, its own sauna and steam room, and a private 24-hour butler.

For those with a larger party, the entire floor, which includes two other suites, can be booked for a minimum of two nights for a paltry $50,000. The price tag for this hotel room is certainly over the top, but the Park Hyatt makes sure that guests will never be disappointed with their stay.

Hunter Valley Wine Boutique Tours

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Only two hours from downtown Sydney, the Hunter Valley is Australia's oldest wine growing region and its most prized. Hunter Valley Wine Boutique Tours offers group tours to the wineries of the region or more intimate private tours. Knowledgeable guides offer a running history of the region in between wineries, while the wineries themselves offer a friendly and fun environment with some of the most respected wine in Australia.

The private tours are an eight-hour event and are customizable. Guests can request just reds, just whites, or an even mix depending on their palate. There will also be an option for lunch on the tour, which can either be a light lunch watching kangaroos at an animal park or a more refined fine dining experience. At the various wineries, guests will also be presented with the option to attend some of their olive oil, chocolate and artisan cheese tastings. Guests will certainly find it difficult to turn down a complimentary chocolate tasting after having their palates teased with fine wines.

For those who want a little adventure with their wine tasting, balloon rides or horseback riding can be organized.

Be A Fashionista


Sydney is not just a popular destination for adventurous travellers, but it is also the holy land for fashionistas. Sydney specializes in luxury goods; however shoppers need to know where to look for them.

Don't be fooled by the factory outlets in Homebush, it may look like the shopping district and you will be sure to find some nice deals there. However, there is nothing that you cannot find in a shop back home. For those who have a palate for high fashion to satisfy, head down to the Central Business District. Be sure to wear your comfortable shoes as this district is huge and has pockets of shopping hubs nestled everywhere within it.  Be sure to check out Myers, Westfield and the David Jones shops for lavish international labels as well as in-season designs from Australian designers.

For those looking for local Australia luxury goods aside from clothing, it is best to head down to The Rocks. This coastal district is nestled amid the majesty of the Sydney Opera House. The Rocks Market has had the same location since 1788 when is served as a port trading area for docked ships. It has now become a little bit more modern and focuses on showcasing some of the extravagant items that Australia has become known for. Handcrafted goods such as Australia's famed opal jewellery, aboriginal art and didgeridoos can be found throughout the market. However, do remember to take a break and taste some of the wonderful street foods. It's not luxurious, but it is most certainly flavourful.

Indulge In Sydney's Fine Dining Scene


The fine dining scene in Sydney is much too large to merely showcase just one restaurant. Many of the internationally popular restaurants are so busy that guests may just want to make a reservation now in order to get a table this season.

Quay is one of Australia's most well respected restaurants, which makes getting a table particularly difficult. Overlooking Sydney Harbour, executive chef Peter Gilmore's philosophy of combining a dining experience with nature, works well to create a culinary endeavour of epic proportions. The harmony of flavours with the romantic setting creates what has been described as a sensual dining experience.

Across town by the Sydney Town Hall, under the helm of chef Tetsuya Wakuda, Tetsuya's combines the seasonal flavours of Japanese cuisine with French technique. The unique flavours of both cultures are combined into some of the most innovative dishes in the world, which is why Tetsuya's has been consistently ranked among S. Pelligrino's top restaurants in the world year after year.