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New York City is made up of five diverse boroughs that are all very much cities in their own right. Of these five boroughs, Manhattan is considered to be the financial hub of the United States.

Millions of tourists flock to Lower Manhattan to stroll down Wall Street and to visit the 9/11 Memorial. However, there is more to Lower Manhattan: over the last 10 years it has experienced a boom and it now offers some of the city’s most eclectic dining experiences and shopping options.

With so much to see and do in the district, you will need to stay a night or two to get a real, authentic feel for this bustling part of New York City. There is no shortage of hotels for a weary traveller. Just steps away from the 9/11 Memorial is the World Center Hotel, which boasts brilliant views of New York City Harbour. Likewise the Best Western Seaport Inn provides some excellent views of the Brooklyn Bridge and East River, while being only minutes away from all the popular locations.

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With Lower Manhattan being the financial hub of the United States, it is the natural location for the Museum of American Finance, which hosts exhibitions and artifacts about the country’s financial history. Lower Manhattan also plays host to the Museum of Jewish Heritage, which honours victims of the Holocaust and offers exhibitions on various events throughout Jewish history.

After a day of exploring, there is no shortage of restaurants to enjoy in Lower Manhattan. There are inventive restaurants like the Cowgirl Seahorse, which combines the zesty flavours of the South West with the freshest seafood. Alternatively, you can go people-watching at the Blue Spoon Coffee Company, which is a favorite spot for the city’s politicians.

Browne PrintersNYC & CompanyWhat would a trip to Lower Manhattan be if you did not spend some of your hard-earned cash? Shoppers do not have to have the cheque book of a rock star to find affordable fashion or gifts in Lower Manhattan. Perhaps one of the most interesting stores is Bowne Printers, which houses some of the oldest working printing presses in the world, and produces handcrafted custom prints for curious shoppers.

While each borough of New York has its own cultures and attractions for tourists to experience, Lower Manhattan gives tourists a unique view of the life of stockbrokers and investors. It is a district swirling with money and life.