Most Stratford-goers enjoy a before-the-show meal, go to the theatre and then get right back on the same bus they arrived on without really exploring the shops, restaurants and activities that the city has to offer. Don’t make that same mistake!

If you’re planning on seeing Stratford Festival’s Rocky Horror Show this season, there’s so much to be discovered throughout town. Come along with us as we experience Stratford, just as Frank would:


I'll have what he's having!

I'll have what he's having
Credit: Stratford Festival / Cylla von Tiedemann Photography

Whether it’s a fun cocktail or a unique food dish, Stratford’s restaurants offer a few Frank-specific features for you to enjoy. Here’s where to eat and drink:


Caught red lipped...

Pay a visit to Bard’s on Market Square, if only to try Frank’s favourite Red Lips Martini, a delicious blend of vodka, peach schnapps, Chambord, pineapple and cranberry juice or The Eddie Meatloaf Sandwich, cleverly named after the ill-fated ex-lover of Frank. Or, stop in at The Hub located just one floor up from Bard’s, for a more casual rooftop experience – and for their mac and cheese with Frank-N-Furter hot dogs. The Hub is open late, so it makes for the perfect after-show snack.

Located at 27 Marketplace


Let's do the time warp

Named in honour of the show’s much beloved musical number, Junction 56 Distillery is bringing back Time Warp Lemon Gin in celebration of The Rocky Horror Show. It’s only available for a limited time, so don’t miss your chance to throw it back to the ‘80s. Raise a glass to the Transylvanians and get sippin’! (Quick tip: Pair it with grapefruit juice and you have a delicious cocktail.)

Located at 45 Cambria St.


Look the part, fishnets and all

Credit: Stratford Festival / Cylla von Tiedemann Photography

Are you really channelling Frank if you’re not rocking a feather boa and fishnet stockings? We don’t think so. Assuming you don’t already have these items in your suitcase, here are some Frank-approved shops to check out:


Where else than...

Trust us on this one – this ain’t your regular Stag Shop. Sinvention Boutique has it all from fishnets to garters, to high-end handmade leather goods. With a dedicated display of “all things Frank,” you’ll leave looking spiffy, ready for the show and shivering with antici...pation!

Located at 390 Douro St.

Get inked

Frank’s look wouldn’t be complete without a couple tats, so why not stop in at Small-Mart to replicate the look? Don’t freak out too much – it doesn’t need to be permanent. Grab some Tattly tattoos, designed by real artists and illustrators, they’re temporary tats for grown-ups and come in some really cool designs.

Located at 119 Ontario St.


Have some fun with Frank

have some fun
Credit: Stratford Festival / Cylla von Tiedemann Photography

Frank would want you to loosen up a little, he does live only for pleasure and excitement, after all. The unique finds you’ll discover at these shops will have you hooting and hollering:


Satisfy your cravings

Go ahead bite into that forbidden fruit and enjoy Rocky Mtns Chocolates’ very own Rocky Horror Show Candy Apple, complete with chocolate lips – it makes for the perfect treat as you explore even further. Feeling extra crazy? Get your hands on their pure and premium Chocolate Body Paint. Apply generously for some more delicious, playful fun.

Located at 10 Downie St.


Pick up a few naughty dinner plates

Meet Your Maker, a small shop that supports more than 70 independent designers and craftspeople, is full of unusual and quirky finds – like beautifully “upcycled” dinner plates with hilariously naughty slogans inscribed, just like the set we suspect would be on Frank’s dinner table. (Be warned: This tableware is not for the easily offended.)

Located at 62 Wellington St.


What's the matter – scared?

Brad and Janet
Credit: Stratford Festival / Cylla von Tiedemann Photography

A little fun never hurt anybody – but just in case, stop into Emerald Muse and pick up one of their Safe Travel Adventuring Kits. It comes full of protective crystals and herbs, to help you on your journey. This will be especially handy for all the Brads and Janets of the world.

Located at 13 York St.


So now you’re ready for the show! If you don’t have your ticket yet, don’t fret – The Rocky Horror Show will be playing until Nov. 11, with a show almost every day of the week.

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