Thailand is a land for lovers. The sun-soaked beaches, green cliffs jutting out into the ocean and endless exotic islands are all ripe for exploration by a pair of lovers. There are a number of places in which lovers both young and old can make their fire for each other burn hotter than it ever has before. Here are some of our favourites...

The Beaches of Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe

The horseshoe-shaped island of Koh Lipe is popular enough to have all the desired comforts, but it does attract hordes of sunburnt vacationers. The island has three main beaches: Pattaya Beach, Sunrise Beach and Sunset Beach.

Pattaya Beach is referred to as the island's main beach. It boasts powdery sand and crystal blue water near the shore and great snorkeling nearby. However, while Pattaya is beautiful, lovers can venture further afield to Sunrise or Sunset Beaches for more secluded and romantic experiences.

Sunrise Beach is, as the name suggests, a great place to watch the sunrise after a long night. This beach is a long strip of white sand with a wide, shallow bay perfect for romantic walks or swims.

Alternatively, at Sunset Beach lovers can sit on the peaceful beach and they watch the ships sail through the shipping channel as the horizon is painted a wide range of red, orange and yellow.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a destination for active couples, those who simply can't lounge around on beaches for endless hours. Visitors can walk around the city to view ancient temples and elegant architecture or they can flock to the surrounding area for outdoor adventures. Doi Inthanon National Park is home to Thailand's highest mountain and when couples hike halfway up the mountain, they are treated to remarkable views of the Vachiratharan Waterfalls, which tumble a stunning 70 metres down the rocky hillside.

Visitors can also travel to the Elephant Nature Park, a conservation project that aims to provide a safe centre for the rehabilitation and rescue of elephants. Unlike some zoos elsewhere in the world, this area allows for visitors to interact with these massive animals, aiding them in feeding time and giving them baths.

Those who want to travel even further into Chiang Mai's rural area for romance can visit the alluring Chiang Dao Cave, or the "City of Stars". Though this is a cave system of over 100 caves, only five are open to the public, but once inside visitors will realize why it got its mysterious nickname. The cave is lined with natural crystal formations that, when they catch the light, cause the roof of the cave to glimmer like the night sky.



When it comes to romantic Thailand imagery, the endless crowded buildings of Bangkok do not usually spring to mind. While from the street the city does not seem to have any place for a pair of lovers, the city does hold its secrets – they just need to know where to look.

For the best sweeping views of the city, visitors will need to wander to a rooftop. However, not just any rooftop will do. Make your way to The Moon Bar. Here where visitors can see the magic of Bangkok as the sun sets. However, this isn't an establishment for beach bums: closed toe shoes and at least business casual dress are a must.

After a stop at The Moon Bar, it is time to hit the spa. There are hundreds within Bangkok and it is the perfect place to unwind. Many offer couples treatments to appease the flocks of honeymooners in the city, so regardless of if couple are part of that crowd or not, they should take advantage of it. The Yunomori Onsen is Bangkok's hot spring experience, where couples can go for a soak - but skip the spa treatments there. Instead, visit the Chi Spa at the Shangri-La Hotel or The Oriental Spa at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.



Phuket has become one of the biggest resort towns in the country that already has a lot of great resort towns. These luxury resorts don't come for cheap, but even their cheapest rooms are great places to fall in love. With fluffy beds, open patios with chiffon curtains that billow when the cool ocean breeze blows in and endless spaces for lounging, these resorts provide the perfect scenery in order for love to bloom or, in some cases, re-blossom.

Before all the five star resorts came to Phuket, there was just Amanpuri. This resort is the original heart-stoppingly beautiful, over-the-top luxurious resort on the island and is still considered one of the finest.

For those that want a newer resort experience, Trisara is the resort to visit. They, too, host their own private white sand beach and guests can have their pick of private villas or large rooms. No matter which accommodation visitors choose, each room host its own private swimming pool and lush gardens. With the Trisara's gorgeous views and superb service, this pricey resort is worth the splurge.

Island Hopping

 koh phi phi

Romantic travellers can charter yachts or speed boats for adventures off the coast. These boats come equipped with food, liquor and even a man to helm it if so desired. Those who charter these boats are privileged to be able to spend a romantic and private moment out on the water enjoying fishing, scuba diving or island hopping.

Hopping around the various islands that litter Thailand's coast is a popular pastime for many in the county. These chartered boats go to faraway places like Koh Lipe, Koh Lanta, Koh Phi Phi and Mosquito Island. While the larger yachts and speed boats will not be able to pull right up to the shore, many of these islands have beaches shallow enough that visitors can swim or wade up with their ropes to moor their boats. However, come sunset, visitors will want to head back on board their boat to share a private moment away from all others in the middle of the vast ocean under the painted sky.