We’ve all experienced FOMO (“the fear of missing out”) when we pack too much into our lives and then enjoy too little of it. So how about switching it up for JOMO instead? On these five, new-for-2020 Trafalgar trips, you'll embrace the joy of missing out. As popular attractions hum with visitors, travelling on one of these unsuspecting itineraries means leaving the crowds far, far behind.

Colombia Rediscovered

TrafalgarRaw coffee beans | Getty Images

This 13-day journey takes you from Bogotá through the Coffee Triangle to up-and-coming Medellín and then north to the Caribbean’s Santa Marta and Cartagena. Stops are two or three nights, affording you the opportunity to truly check in and soak up the atmosphere. A highlight of any Trafalgar trip is a signature "Be My Guest" experience – exclusive opportunities to delve deeper into a destination with local hosts. On Colombia Rediscovered, this means an introduction to a remote Indigenous tribe made by Dr. Santiago Giraldo, Colombia’s leading anthropologist. It’s a unique cultural encounter that’s decidedly off-the-beaten-path.

Ecuador with ME to WE

Ecuador | Deposit PhotosEcuador | Deposit Photos

Ecuador with ME to WE is a five-day extension that enriches Trafalgar’s South America Revealed and Highlights of Peru itineraries. Through WE Charity and ME to WE’s social and economic development enterprise, you can add a meaningful and immersive transformative journey to your trip. After flying into high-altitude Quito, travellers spend three nights in the Ecuadorian Amazon learning about native flora and fauna while helping the Kichwa people with sustainable development projects and everyday tasks.

Balkan Adventure

TrafalgarRila Monestary, Sofia, Bulgaria | Deposit Photos

Learn about the Balkans’ storied past from royal to Communist (and, yes, even vampiric) on this 14-day journey through seven different countries. Balkan Adventure starts in Bucharest, Romania and travels loosely along a clockwise route, ending in Belgrade, Serbia. This eastern European sojourn includes stops in Budva (known as “Montenegro’s Miami”) and at several UNESCO sites. A highlight is North Macedonia and its capital, Skopje. Inhabited since 4,000 BC, Skopje’s strategic location in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula means a rich history that will enthral travellers. You'll enjoy the country’s Roman, Ottoman and Byzantine culinary influences at a "Be My Guest"dinner in a private home in Skopje.

Georgia and Armenia Uncovered

TrafalgarTatev Monestary, southeastern Armenia | Getty Images

Explore these two intriguing countries in-depth during this 11-day trip with an architectural and culinary focus. The region is dotted with stunning monasteries and stops include four UNESCO World Heritage sites. This itinerary has travellers learning to make Georgian bread and Armenian lavash and sampling the region’s wine and brandy. The "Be My Guest" lunch and wine tasting in Georgia includes a lesson in making churchkhela, Georgia’s traditional candle-shaped candy that is made by dipping nuts threaded on a string into fresh grape juice.

Colors of Sicily

TrafalgarGetty Images

While Italy is, of course, a perennial top travel destination, fewer visitors venture as far as Sicily, the island with history and traditions distinctly different than the rest of the country. Trafalgar’s nine-day Colors of Sicily itinerary brings you to smaller Sicilian villages from bases in Catania, Taormina, Syracuse, Agrigento and Palermo. Travellers learn about Greek, Norman and Baroque architecture and about Sicilian culture and gastronomy. A delicious highlight is a visit with a chocolatier in the UNESCO World Heritage town of Modica, which is famous for its Aztec-inspired chocolate with a reputation for aiding weight loss.  
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