Switzerland possesses a natural charm and exquisite beauty that far exceeds its tiny size. It’s filled with sophisticated cities and picturesque villages that make falling in love almost a given. Whatever season your romantic getaway falls into you’ll find the perfect place to snuggle together and reconnect with that special someone.

St Moritz

St Moritzhttps://www.flickr.com/photos/saida_haechler/

This delightful resort town set in the Engadine valley has hosted two Winter Olympics and is the sunniest resort in Switzerland. It sits near the highest summit in the Eastern Alps making it one of the top destinations for the jet-set skiers.

The town has an appropriately romantic history and was a destination for pilgrims for hundreds of years. The bubbling spring waters were thought to heal and in 1519 the pope even promised absolution to anyone that made the trek to the church of the springs. As pilgrimages were typically done in good weather, the town did not become a winter destination until the late 1800s when a determined hotelier offered to refund the travel costs of four potential visitors if they came to St. Moritz during the cold months and didn’t like it. The guests realized that the town is charming any time of years and winter tourism in the Alps was born.

There are plenty of romantic activities no matter which time of year you visit. Winters have the usual sports to choose from in addition to a seasonal bobsled run to try and the world-famous toboggan course. The Alps are beautiful in spring and summer but can be a bit damp. When not visiting the glacier or enjoying the waters, curl up with your sweetie next to a glorious fire and let the romance of the Swiss Alps surround you.



One of the most charming medieval cities in the country, Bern is a capital city with a completely historic centre. It was effectively owned by one family when founded in the 12th century but reverted to a free city when the last of the Zahringer family died without an heir.

The Old Town sits within a loop of the Aare River on the Swiss plateau. The Bernese Alps are about 20 km away and most of the nearby countryside is composed of low hills. The buildings were originally wooden but many were replaced with sandstone after a fire in 1405, creating the characteristic look of the Old Town.

The entire town centre is wonderfully romantic with its medieval construction and Renaissance statues on the 16th century fountains. Be sure to visit the Kindlifresserbrunnen to see the fountain that’s used to frighten disobedient children into behaving. The statue is a bit gruesome, but look at the frieze around the base; it’s armed bears being led by a piper and drummer.



Set in the middle of the largest wine region in Switzerland, Montreux brings visitors from around the world during the summer jazz festival. If wine and jazz aren’t enough to draw you, the city sits at the foot of the Alps on the shores of Lake Geneva and experiences warm summers and mild winters.

Montreux was an important settlement in the Roman era and was founded on the road that led from Italy. In the 12th century wine growers realized that the sunny slopes surrounding the lake were ideal for growing grapes and the town grew along with the wine industry. The population is diverse and you are as likely to encounter Italian as French or German.

Visiting the wineries is a delightful way to spend an afternoon, but there are quite a few sights in town as well. If you weren’t lucky enough to book a room at the historic Montreux Palace Hotel, you can still peek into the luxurious establishment to see where Vladimir Nabokov lived out his days. Visits to the lovely villas and castles in town should round out the day of romantic sightseeing before heading home to share a glass of Swiss wine.



Absolutely beautiful in both summer and winter, the small village sits 1,650 m above sea level and can only be reached by cog rail or cable car. The view is stunning and with a permanent population of only 450, you’ll quickly become family. Winter visitors can enjoy the 52 km of ski runs and other winter sports available, but summer is all about love.

Before tourism this was a peaceful farming village and despite the many hotels it retains that simple charm. Many of the places to stay are Swiss-chalet styles and the cable car ride to the village is amazing. There are dozens of hiking trails through the hills, or you can sit on the balcony of your hotel in the quintessential Swiss village and gaze at the mountains together.