St Barts

Soaked in sun, the sandy island of St Bart's is one of the finer places to fall in love. This glamorous island is one of the Caribbean’s top beach destinations, and one of the best places on earth to let romance blossom...

Gouverneur Beach

Just a few kilometres from the island’s most popular beach at Saline lies Gouverneur Beach. Saline is always packed with people – but Gouverneur Beach is hidden away in a half circle of scenic cliffs. Only one small road weaves its way in between the cliffs to serve as passage to this particular beach. With Saline so close by, it is often forgotten about. Gouverneur Beach hosts a long strip of white sand and its blue waters serve as an excellent spot for snorkelers. On clear days, beach goers can even catch glimpses of St Kitts across the way. However, the regular beach-goers of Gouverneur Beach do have a propensity to go au naturale, another reason that many touring families often skip a trip there.

Flamands Beach

For those that desire something a little more developed, but still majorly shunned by the beach-seeking masses, Flamands Beach is a winner. It is yet another forgotten location next to a majorly popular beach. It is just a few kilometres from the popular, yet majorly developed St Jean's Beach. Flamands Beach is a small stretch of white sand in a beautiful little cove protected by a rocky reef. The water is deep enough for swimming and the beach is bathed in sunlight to keep waters warm. Perhaps the best part of Flamands Beach is that it provides some enticing villa rentals right along the sand, so couples can enjoy this beach day or night. There are few beaches that are both sparsely populated but also host accommodation that aren't the private beaches of resorts – so Flamands Beach is a rare treasure.

Colombier Beach

Colombier Beach, which is occasionally referred to as Rockefeller's Beach, is easily one of the best beaches on St Bart's. It is one of the island's most secluded beaches and it only accessibly via boat or a tough 30-minute hike through a rugged trail – which is actually just a goat path. Charting a boat or tripping along a goat path is too much work for most vacationers, which thankfully keeps the crowds down at this romantic beach front. Although boating there is faster, those who do hike the path are rewarded with some stunning views for taking the longer road less taken. On the beach, the waters are calm and result in excellent snorkeling. Since there are not many services around, the beach often takes on an air of tranquility, perfect for building new love or rekindling an old flame.

Lorient Beach

For lovers looking for a low key beach on the North Shore, Lorient Beach serves as the best escape. It is a long strip of sand with waters protected by reef. The surf does tend to rise more on the western side, making for some excellent sport for beginner-level surfers. There are plenty of trees and shady spots for those who want to escape the hot Caribbean sun when not splashing around in the refreshing turquoise waters.

Grand Cul-de-Sac Beach

On the northeast coast lies Grand Cul-de-Sac Beach. Its waters are easily the most beautiful on the entire island. Unlike its north-side neighbor Lorient Beach, Grand Cul-de-Sac offers more in the way of beachfront amenities and facilities. There are several restaurants nestled in the trees alongside the sandy beachfront and plenty of hotels in the nearby town. Sadly, there are no accommodations along the beach itself, but visitors will never be too far from the sand. The more active visitors will find water sports equipment that can be rented with ease, as kite and wind surfing are both favourite pastimes for many locals.