Massachusetts cheesesMassachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism
Stand aside France; get to the back of the line Holland… Massachusetts is fast becoming known for its delectable wines and delicately-flavoured cheeses.

And now the state’s Farm Wineries and Growers Association's (MFWGA) has made it its number one mission to ensure that visitors to the region get to experience the very best wine and cheese that Massachusetts has to offer.

The association has launched a trail map that pinpoints the finest wineries and cheese shops to be found between the tip of Cape Cod and the luxurious Berkshires. It also highlights the wineries that lie just outside of Boston, for those who do not want to travel far from the city.

Cherry wineMassachusetts Office of Travel & TourismHowever, with over 890 hectares of vineyards and cheese shops to visit, even the most ambitious foodie will be hard pressed to experience everything that the state has to offer in one day!  So it’s wise for wandering foodies to take a little time, because wherever they may find themselves in Massachusetts, they are certain to find the most delicious wines and the most mouthwatering artisan cheeses.

For those galloping gourmets who are overwhelmed with the selection of foodie destinations on offer, there’s also a selection of structured wine tours available across the Bay State, each providing travellers with the unique history and production methods behind each and every luscious glass of wine and heavenly board of cheese.

Even food and wine newbies can join in the scrumptious fun. For wine and cheese beginners who require a little 101 lesson, the Boston Wine School offers sampling seminars to teach the art of proper wine-tasting etiquette.

Many of the wineries in the area also run a jam-packed schedule of special events, like music festivals and traditional coastal clam bakes. The most popular event is the Greater Boston Wine Festival, which attracts specially foods, crafts – and of course – tempting Massachusetts wine.