August is here and anyone planning to visit Spain may find themselves immersed in some of the most fun and wacky fiestas on earth. Most towns hold their own fiestas, while cities like Madrid have different neighbourhood fiestas each week, so there is always something exciting going on.

Here’s a selection of some of our favourite Spanish fiestas this month...

International Festival, Santander

santanderJuan Carlos Ruiz San Millán

Visitors to Santander can enjoy Cantabria’s biggest cultural event during the whole month of August. You’ll find music, art, dance and theatre taking place everywhere from the most grand gardens and palaces to churches - and even caves.

August Fiestas, Ibiza

The parties in Ibiza aren’t just inside the clubs, and before August 15, everyone will be celebrating during the local fiestas, which include fireworks, sporting competitions and a special tribute to the island’s seafaring heritage.

San Lorenzo Fiestas, Huesca

Head to Huesca in Aragón before August 15 fiestas celebrating the city’s Patron Saint, San Lorenzo. Catch traditional music and dancing, parties, religious processions and activities for visitors of all ages this week.

Semana Grande in Bilbao and San Sebastiá

bilbaoSpanish Tourist Office

Until August 16 San Sebastián will be awash with merrymakers, free concerts and theatre, pop up bars, fireworks and fun  both day and night, while from August 16 to 24 it will be Bilbao’s turn.

Octopus Festival in O Carballiño, Galicia

huescaSpanish Tourist Offic

August 10 sees the annual Octopus Festival take place in the Galician town of O Carballiño. This is the perfect time to sample the tasty local delicacy, Pulpo Gallego. Around 25,000 kilos of octopus will be cooked up – all washed down with Ribeiro wine!

Feria de Málaga

Between August 16 and 23, Málaga is the place to be, with events, processions and fireworks taking place all over the city. The central point of the Feria is the El Real fairground area, where there’s a definite festival vibe, but you’ll also find plenty of action on the beach and at the port, as well as within the city’s historic winding streets.

Walking Festival, La Palma, Canary Islands

If you’ve overindulged over the fiesta period, head over to the island of La Palma between August 22 and 24 for the walking festival. Tours are led in Spanish, English or German and follow different routes across the island, from the “rum route” and the “cheese route”, to the less calorific “Sistine Chapel of the Atlantic”. As you make your way around on foot, aside from the beautiful scenery you’ll be entertained with live music and traditional celebrations.

Cider festival, Gijón, Asturias

ciderSpanish Tourist Office

If you’ve never tried delicious Asturian cider you’re in for a treat at this annual celebration of the region’s favourite tipple between 26 and 31 August. The festival sees thousands of cider fans head to Gijón’s beach, where 30,000 litres of cider are given out. There are also cider pouring competitions (it’s an art and much harder than it sounds!) and festivities across the city.

La Tomatina, Buñol, Valencia

tomatinaSpanish Tourist Office

This famous and totally off-the-wall celebration needs little introduction. August 27 is when the town of Buñol near Valencia launches tons of tomatoes on top of eager partygoers and plays host to the world’s biggest tomato fight.