For those looking to escape on a romantic getaway, Spain is definitely a major contender. With dazzling rolling hills, a mix of old building and architectural wonders and a culture geared towards romance, Spain is a magical place to nourish the delicate flame of love. Those looking to travel to Spain with their significant other should consider these five fantastic places to fall in love.

Barcelona Kaufmann

Barcelona is often described as Spain's most beautiful city. Visitors can explore the architecture from different time periods, get a little moment of peace from the city noise in its many beautiful gardens or spend the day sizzling at it's beautiful beaches. There are also endless little cafes, shops and quaint restaurants to enjoy, where couples can find their own little romantic spot to remember forever.

While the colourful plaster and stone buildings are a feast for the eyes during the day, Barcelona truly comes to life during the night. It is the perfect destination for couples that love to see the sights by day then drink and dance the night away.

Toledo Nacho

Those looking for find their fairy tale romance while in Spain will want to head to the historic city of Toledo. This city is best known for the preservation of the city's medieval architecture, which transports visiting couples back to another time. The city sits on a hilltop overlooking farms, olive tree groves and rolling prairies that give the area a unique elegance. Lovers can walk narrow roads on the outskirts of the city looking at the lyrical landscape below and feel at peace with their cozy place in the world.

A trip through the historic quarter in Toledo cannot be missed. Visitors wind through narrow streets and ancient stone buildings until they finally find themselves walking around an ancient castle, The Alcazar, a fortification that has stood since Roman times. The Alcazar and castles like it were built all over Spain in Arabic architecture, but this castle is the best preserved of its kind. Couples can wander the gardens and the beautiful interior and feel like royalty enjoying all the luxury that accompanies the rank.

Salamanca Jose Luis Cernadas Iglesias

Nestled in western Spain is Salamanca, a city that exudes a romantic atmosphere from its very foundation. The major romantic attraction in the city is the Plaza Mayor. This beautiful city square, with its bright stone buildings, practically glows in the sun in contrast with the dark cobble stones that line the ground. Couples can enjoy little shops and cafes in between walking among the beautiful buildings or just people watch in the centre.

The Plaza is just as beautiful at night when the city lights up its buildings so they glow. Salamanca is a true university city with over 30,000 students, so young couples will also find a powerful nightlife scene to enjoy before retiring to one of the city's many romantic hotels that cater to the every whim of visiting couples.

Majorca Cristian Bortes

For those that want to escape off the Spanish mainland and have an island adventure, Majorca is the answer. The island is set among Spain's Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea, hosting warm Mediterranean winds and waters that will sooth couples to the very core.

Majorca is also the best spot for lovers that have a craving for sky blue water and powder-soft white sand beaches. Nestled among the dramatic rocky cliffs are some of the best beaches on the Spanish coast. While many vacation on this island, there are ample opportunities for couples to explore and find a little private piece of sandy paradise. The island also features ancient ruins, caves and underground lakes just waiting to be explored, making it an excellent visit for the curious couple.

La Riojala Rioja

La Rioja is not a city in Spain, but rather a region. La Rioja possess idyllic Spanish countryside as well as producing the bulk of Spain's wine. It is the Spanish wine country and the ultimate escape for the couples who enjoy liberal libations. This northern part of the country boasts over 500 different wineries in the area where couples will be hard pressed to try them all within their visit, much less their lifetime.

After couples have enjoyed the rolling vineyards and sampled their fair share of the region's unique wine, the area also hosts horseback riding, walking tours through the rugged hills and hot air balloon rides over the area that help make La Rioja some of the most romantic wine country in the world.