Spain is famous for its parties, its beaches and its chiringuitos, or beach bars, which fuel them. Major beach towns and holiday hotspots such as Ibiza, Mallorca and Barcelona host some of the best beach bars in the world that are more famous in those cities than some of it's restaurants and other drinking establishments that aren't lucky enough to be on the sandy shores. For those looking to explore Spanish beaches and inevitably its brilliant beach bars, here are some excellent places to start.

El Xiringuito de Escriba in Barcelona


Located on Bogatell Beach, El Xiringuito de Escriba is the quintessential chiringuito experience in Barcelona. Spain's beach bars are often described as open shacks built right on the sand, nothing fancy just good food and even better drinks, which is exactly what El Xiringuito de Escriba is. This facility provides the perfect place for partying during the day and night. While visitors cool their heels on its sandy floor, El Xiringuito de Escriba serves up delicious Mediterranean cuisine as well as some of the best, and freshest, seafood dishes in the city. With innovative cocktails, sangria being a particular favourite among most visitors, and the gentle turquoise waves as a back drop, what's not to love about this beautiful beach bar?

Cafe Mambo in Ibiza


Without any doubt, Ibiza is the party capital of the world. The live music and wild nightlife have even permeated its beach bars, but it has only made them better. What most visitors to Ibiza don't know is that the island has a deep spiritual side that gives balance to the general mayhem. Both sides are represented well at Cafe Mambo, this beachside bar provides shade and comfort during the day and dancing to live DJs at night, but it is also the setting for the world renowned sunset celebration each night. Crowds flock to Cafe Mambo each day as if on a pilgrimage to share in the celebration of yet another beautiful day on this unique island. Some stay in for the night for a relatively low key way to spend the night (at least by Ibiza standards) while others use it as a great pre-nightclub destination.

Blue Bar in Formentera

Blue Bar

Formentera holds a truly unique beach bar experience nestled among the sand and the scrub. The Blue Bar and it's extensively blue building are pretty hard to miss when walking down the sand and it's atmosphere is the kind that just draws people in even when they are neither hungry nor thirsty. Although, the unique and otherworldly music they play may be responsible as well. Located along Formentera's longest stretch of sand, the Platja Migjorn, the Blue Bar serves up cool drinks, coffee and a little bit of tapas. While the mojito is an eternal favourite of visitors, the Blue Bar is universally agreed to be the best beach bar in Formentera to take in the sunset due to its sweeping view over the sand. When the sun starts to set and the beach crowds flock in, Blue Bar turns off its ambient music and starts up its rowdy night time activities with live music that keeps the sunset crowd around.

La Sonrisa in Andalucia

La Sonrisa

For those seeking the simple beach bar experience in Andalucia, look no further than the La Sonrisa on Playa de Punta del Moral. While many beach bars seek to be more like a resort or a nightclub, La Sonrisa maintains a strong dedication to everything that makes beach bars such a great thing. This family run beach establishment is privileged to overlook seven kilometres of unspoilt, golden sand beach and sparkling blue sea beyond. However, visitors will be able to smell it long before they see it. From its scenic perch, La Sonrisa fills the air with the rich smell of barbequed meat and fresh grilled fish. All of their delicious grilled meats are perfect paired with their wide variety of beer or their excellent house wine or sangria. As the evening comes on and the dinner crowd comes in, La Sonrisa comes alive with live music and serves as an excellent place to start a night of partying.

El Chiringuito in Ibiza

El Chiringuito

Those who find themselves wandering on Ibiza's eternally popular Salinas Beach should make the quick trek to the nearby Es Cavallet Beach. Although Es Cavallet is part nudist beach, it is also home to a quality beach bar - the aptly named El Chiringuito. This shimmering white building tends to blend in with the white sand on the beach, but inside visitors will find a hip design and atmosphere that caters to everyone from both sides of the beach, though clothing is required. Visitors can chow down on some crispy calamari during the day or lounge on one of their huge sun-soaked day beds with bottle service and Balearic beats. This is one of the few places in Ibiza that actually wind down once the sun sets, but during the day, it will be a fight just to get a seat.