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The world is filled with mystery, and regardless of your stance on the paranormal, plenty of places around the world have a reputation for being haunted.

Even those who don't believe in the paranormal can enjoy many of the ghost walking tours that are offered across the globe. Here are a few of our favourites…

1. Ghosts of New York Walking Tour, New York City

The Ghosts of New York tour is the most popular walking tour in the United States, and every tour is different. Some take you to haunted houses, while others chase after urban legends. However, regardless of the locale, each is accompanied with some of the most chilling ghostly tales you’ll ever hear.

Each tour is about 90 minutes long and covers a walking distance of a little over a half a mile. Don't worry about rushing through it, because the guides keep these walking tours at a leisurely pace so that you can enjoy the creepy atmosphere and haunted locations. They guarantee that the tours will enchant, entertain and inform you – but most of all, they guarantee that the tours will chill you right to the bone.

2. Montego Bay Adventure Tour, Jamaica

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Jamaica is a tropical paradise, but it has a dark side. It has roots based deep in voodoo and mystical powers. For those who find themselves bored of the touristy hot spots, Montego Bay Adventure Tours offers an experience off the beaten path.

The company’s tour guides take travellers down the streets of Montego Bay to the famous Rose Hall Great House. The house is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of Anne Palmer who practiced voodoo rituals and black magic. During her life, she murdered three husbands, as well as many slave lovers. Finally, her slaves plotted against her and had her poisoned. It is said that she still roams the house.

3. Auckland Ghost Tour, New Zealand

The city of Auckland has its fair share of horror history and the Auckland Ghost Tour reveals them to you. Tours depart daily from underneath the clock at Britomart Train Station, just look for the guide with the lantern.

Along the tour you’ll be shown the famous Auckland cinema where the manager once committed suicide and it is said that his spirit still haunts the place. The tour then goes to the local cemetery, taking in the sites of the public hangings of Queen Street along the way, as well as beheading and cannibalism sites. Along the tour of the most historically haunted streets of Auckland, your lantern wielding guide will be sure to fill you in on the city's dirty dark little secrets.

4. Hidden People and Elves Walk, Reykjavik, Iceland

Some Icelanders don't just believe in ghosts, some believe in all sorts of paranormal creatures as well, such as elves and ‘hidden people’.

Sigubjörg Karlsdottir, or ‘Sippa’ as she is called, is one such Icelandic elf-believer. That is why she hosts the Hidden People and Elves Walk through the streets of Iceland's capital of Reykjavik.

 Twice a week, she takes groups of eager people around the town to educate them on the finer points of finding these paranormal beings. The hidden people are like humans, and they are always tall and handsome. Elves sport skinny legs and big ears.

So how come no one has ever spotted a hidden person or an elf? It is because they are capable of putting a spell on people so that you cannot stumble onto their hiding spot. This may sound silly to us, but many people around Iceland firmly believe in elves and hidden people, so much so that they take the homes of elves and hidden people into consideration when planning roads! The tour is a nice change from the usual ghost tours and presents some unique Iceland history and folklore.

5. Burlington Ghost Walk, Canada

Just an hour away from Niagara Fall lies the busy town of Burlington. It may seem like a relatively trendy town with few secrets, but it also has a curious history of hauntings that have been documented on such shows as Creepy Canada and Ghost Trackers.

Burlington has its own two-hour walking ghost tour. Tour patrons meet at Emma's Back Porch Restaurant for a meal before spending a solid two hours walking and seeing all the spooky places that Burlington has to offer.

After the tour is over, the guide will lead you back to Emma's Back Porch Restaurant where you can stick around for drinks and talk about what you just saw.