Seat TrackerEscape Middle Seat Misery

Thanks to TripIt, there’s now a clever new way to avoid being stuck in the dreaded airplane middle seat.

The mobile trip organizer service now features ‘Seat Tracker’, a smart little gizmo that will alert you when a better seat is available on your flight.

"We've all had those traumatic, squeezed-in, no-recline middle-seat experiences while flying," said Edith Harbaugh, director of product management for TripIt. "Seat Tracker is all about giving travellers the power of knowledge. We'll alert you when a better seat becomes available, meaning you can snag it before anyone else on your flight.”

To track seats, you must be a member of TripIt Pro, which costs $49 a year.

What’s in your Wallet?
Wurkin Stiffs Wallets has come up with a wallet that keeps the consumer safe from identity thieves.Wurkin Stiffs WalletCredit cards now have radio frequency identification chips that constantly transmit personal information digitally, which makes it easy for identity thieves to read them with inexpensive, wireless scanners.

Wurkin Stiffs Wallets block those radio signals with a thin alloy matrix that is fused between embossed Italian leather, keeping the information on your cards secure. Prices start at $95.

Cool Retro Sleeves
Dismiss dull grey and banish boring black: keep your precious smartphone, tablet or e-reader snug and stylish in a radically retro sleeve from ArtBird.

ArtBird’s collection is not only unspeakably hip, it also features thick neoprene padding and a cozy cotton flannel lining to stop your screen from getting scratched on long journeys.

So add a little kitsch colour to your life and turn heads in the airport with a stylish ArtBird sleeve. Cool iPad Mini, Kindle and Kindle Fire sleeves start at $24.95; iPad 2-4 sleeves and smartphone snap-ons start at $29.95.