The Madrones
Credit: Jennifer Hubbert

Pardon me for saying it, but who knew where-in-the-world Philo would offer such luxe digs? 


The Property

In a former life, The Madrones was a small rural homestead enveloped by overgrown gardens.

Today, the property is the rustic-luxe product of Jim Robert's elegant aesthetic.

It's my favourite kind of luxury: bespoke curation without a hint of pretension. Instead of hotel rooms, there are nine total 'guest quarters.' It's a moniker that perfectly communicates the warmth this property exudes.

Pulling into the driveway of The Madrones, I'm greeted by a villa-style facade. I tow my suitcase to The Cottage, which is set back on the leafy property. Fragrant roses and wisteria waft on the early spring breeze. I'm sleeping in the Living Room, which, despite its name, is my bedroom for the evening.

The Cottage was Robert's original residence but has since been renovated into four guest rooms. And if you haven't guessed, they're all named for their former functions: The Kitchen, The Master, The Spare Rooms and... my Living Room. 


Room Review

The MadronesJennifer HubbertPhilo Madrones California hotelJennifer HubbertThe MadronesJennifer Hubbert

Large windows and French doors not only welcome natural light into my spacious room, they also handsomely frame the outdoors. It's akin to sleeping in a garden. 

Each of the guest quarters is independently decorated and you won't find a single piece of standard-issue hotel furniture. A large fireplace inspires a crackling fire and an immaculate walk-in shower, complete with a bench, invites you to lounge a little longer. I'm impressed by the quality of the supplied soaps: a zippy lemongrass infuses my shower with herbal notes. 


My Sleep

The Madrones Philo CaliforniaJennifer Hubbertthe madronesJennifer Hubbert

I wake up in the night to find myself stretched out nearly horizontal, a luxury afforded by my roomy king-size bed. The sheets are so soft that I'm compelled to ask Jim where I can get some. (They're made by Washington-based Comphy Co. They describe their linens as "basically the crème brûlée of sheets" – and I can't disagree.) 


Amenities + Extras

the madrones stone and embersJennifer Hubbert

Guests will find three independently owned and operated tasting rooms (Drew Family Cellars, Bink Wines and Smith-Storey Wine Cellars) on the property, which means wine tasting is merely 100-feet from your front step. Tasty eats are served up at Stone and Embers which specializes in al fresco wood-fired dining. 



Address: 9000 Highway 128 Philo, CA 95466
Tel: 707-895-2955
Budget: $210 - $280 USD


The Verdict

I'd swoon to stay at The Madrones again. The setting is rustic-luxe without being over-manicured. 

Disclosure: Accommodation was provided by VisitMendocino but opinions are all my own - J. Hubbert.


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