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With the sheer number of iPhones everywhere in Singapore, it is not a big leap to say that residents of this city love their apps. Singapore has been having a love affair with technology for awhile now; the country has even become home to the world's youngest app developer, a nine year old boy. Needless to say, they have an app for everything, especially when it comes to navigating the town.

Explore Singapore MRT Map

This handy little app provides a detailed map of not just Singapore's intricate train system, but the city itself. When it comes to the train route section, this app does not give train times or any other details, but it does show the routes and each one of their stops. While app users will have to visit the train station to buy tickets and find train times, the fact that this app doesn't carry any real-time information allows for visitors to have a map in the palm of their hands without having to worry about how much data it is using. The map of the city works much the same way; it has no real-time information, but users can zoom in and zoom out on certain areas of the city. This app is free of charge for iPhone and Android devices.

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YourSingapore Travel Guide

YourSingapore Travel Guide app is brought to users by the Singapore Tourism Board. It enables access to the latest information on the best Singapore attractions, shopping deals, dining options and events. Through customization and connection with social media, the YourSingapore Travel Guide gives users a personalized Singapore experience. The app taps into the GPS of a user's smart phone to find the attractions, shopping deals and events close to the user's location. The app also allows for commentary and reviews by both local Singapore app users and visitors, and it is free for Android and iPhone devices.

Hungry Go Where

Hungry Go Where is an app based on the local website by the same name. The website and app gathers restaurants, food hawkers and food courts so that they can be reviewed and rated by customers. The app has been around for a few years and is only getting better in terms of functionality and usability. This is the perfect companion for those who enjoy a good session of wandering. Once good and lost on a non-descript street, check the app and see what restaurants are good nearby. In Singapore, like with many cities in Southeast Asia, some of the best food comes from little hole in the wall venues on hidden side streets. In Singapore, the famous Tai Thong Crescent food street is difficult to find and a little shady looking, but those shops serve up the best prawn noodles in beef broth around, as well as other delightful goodies. This app is free on iPhone and Android devices.

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Show Nearby

Like Go Hungry Where, Show Nearby shows the nearest restaurants and attractions nearby. However, Show Nearby is like Go Hungry Where on steroids. It doesn't just show restaurants but it shows train stations, bus stops, ATMs, parks, movie theatres and various other points of interest. This app has many functions that resemble a travel guide; however it is much more functional as an everyday tool. By tapping into the GPS of a smart phone, it can find the nearest hospital or clinic if you are sick, the nearest bus stop if you need to go and the nearest convenience store if you want to pick up a quick snack. It also gives a rough estimate of exactly how many metres you are from the desired point of interest, as well as tracking a user's location on the map of the city. As many of these places do not often change, it does not often require updates, so it is great for those with limited data plans. This app is available for $2.99 for Android and iPhone devices.


The bus system in Singapore is the best way to get around Singapore. This app not only shows the various bus routes around the city, but keeps fairly accurate times on when they will be arriving at the next stop. There is nothing better than knowing there is plenty of time to grab a cup of Kopi (coffee) before the bus arrives. The app also taps into the user's GPS and finds the nearest bus stop, shows what buses stop there and where they go. It even shows roughly how many metres users are from the stop. The app, thankfully, has a simple, clean and easy to use interface that assures users can always find what they are looking for. It is free on the app store for Android and iPhone devices.


The iChangi app is an app dedicated to the award-winning Singapore Changi Airport and it is the perfect companion for visitors or just frequent fliers to Singapore. The iChangi app makes looking up flight information a breeze with it's extremely user friendly interface. This is refreshing considering that even though Changi Airport is renowned for its great customer service, air travel itself can still be a major pain. App users can input a flight number and receive live updates on it to their phone automatically. The app gathers all the helpful numbers and hotlines for the Changi airport in one handy place. The app is free for Android and iPhone users.


Most Singaporeans under 40 years of age speak English quite well, but it is often not the form of English that most people are used to. They speak a Creole dialect of English that has been given the playful nickname of Singlish. While the more educated can easily switch between the more popular form of English, Singlish is actually pretty fun and visitors should give it a try. HoSay is an app that teaches 80+ uniquely Singaporean expressions and their meanings to those looking to visit this amazing city. The phrases range from greetings to coffee shop slang. It's usually not necessary for navigating the city, but it is still a fun app to try to impress some of the local Singlish slingers.