Singapore, with its environmental sustainability practices, amazingly efficient infrastructure and high standards of livability even with such a high population density, has had a long love affair with technology. They are well on their way to becoming the front runner for "smartest" city in the world. Everyday this modern metropolis makes another great technological stride forward, and it shows. From an app for every occasion to world class public transit, there are some amazing smart ways to explore Singapore.

Singapore MRT

MRT Singapore

The Singapore MRT, or Mass Rapid Transit, system is not only the smartest way to get around the city, but the fastest. The train system of Singapore is among the most efficient in the world with the average train rider only having to wait an average of five minutes for their train. Due to Singapore's relatively small area, they were able to build a surprisingly extensive rail network. These trains can drop visitors off just a few steps from the country's key attractions like the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, the Singapore Botanical Gardens and the Clarke Quay. With single ride options and affordable EZ Passes available at every key place in the city, the MRT is the smartest way to see the town.

The Singapore Flyer

Singapore Fllyer

Not every smart way to see Singapore means travelling around it. The real challenge in Singapore is finding a good vista to see the city in all its grandeur. The many sky skyscrapers seem like good suspects for a beautiful view, but many of them do not allow visitors to the upper levels. However, there is an option with an even better view than any skyscraper in the city could provide -the Singapore Flyer. Located in Marina Bay, the Singapore Flyer is a ferries wheel that dominates the Singapore skyline. When it was built in 2008, it was the highest Ferris wheel in the world at a tall 165 metres. The Singapore Flyer takes up to 28 people above the city for the most stunning views out over the water and the bustling city alike.

YourSIngapore Travel Guide

If there is one thing that Singaporeans love more than their iPhones, it is the apps on their iPhones. Singapore has an app from every aspect of the city, spanning everything from public transport apps to where the nearest restaurant is. While visitors will certainly have no trouble getting around with all the apps available specifically for that purpose, there is a lot to do in Singapore. YourSingapore Travel Guide is a travel app brought to visitors by the Singapore Tourism Board. Not only does it give directions and detailed descriptions of all great historical and cultural attractions in the city, but it provides up to date information on the newest shopping deals, events and dining discounts. The app utilizes the GPS of a smart phone to guide users to the desired attractions as well as to show what is close to their current position. The best part is that this app is free for both Android and iPhone devices.

The Penny Pinchers' Guide to Singapore

Ultimate Drive

Ferrari Singapore

First time visitors to Singapore will be utterly shocked when they start strolling the city streets. It seems like every couple of minutes a Lamborghini, Ferrari or some other exotic car goes whizzing by. As Singapore has such a successful business and financial sector, it is home to more millionaires per capita than most other countries in the world, and, as everyone knows, millionaires love their fancy exotic cars. While some visitors may never be able to afford a fancy exotic car of their very own, in Singapore visitors can still get their millionaire experience. Ultimate Drive provides a tour of Singapore, but what makes them different from all the other luxury car tours in the city is that they cruise in an army of exotic cars. Visitors can take their pick of a Lamborghini or Ferrari and take an unforgettable drive around the city as well as have a quick high speed drive around an F1 circuit. It has a lofty price tag, but the experience is worth it.

Singapore Hop On, Hop Off Tour

Unfortunately, not every traveller has the couple hundred dollars to shell out for the Ultimate Drive experience. The popular and more affordable alternative is spending the $25 dollars to enjoy Singapore's Hop On, Hop Off tour bus. The tour allows visitors to have an affordable and vastly more flexible touring experience in the city. Visitors will have full access to two different hop on, hop off routes that have a total of 33 stops. Visitors can simply ride the bus around the city, gazing at all of its wonders or get off wherever they please. This is a great option to invest in if visitors only have a short time in the city and plan on stopping at a bunch of different places. The hop on, hop off buses are also often less crowded than the usual city bus.

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