The largest city in Chile is a modern metropolis with an historic past.  The downtown core is mainly neoclassical while surrounding streets feature art deco, neo-gothic and other interesting styles.  The city is home to several universities, an underground freeway system and the most extensive subway system in South America.  It’s also the place to find hopping discotheques, jazz bars, dance halls and almost every type of nightlife you may want.


LiguriaGisele Pereira via (CC by 2.0) - Edited

It’s such a great mix of bar and bistro that Liguria is almost a legend in the bar scene.  Tonight’s meals are noted on a chalkboard, waiters are dressed in old-school style and the tables are covered in checkered tablecloths.  Some cool old bottles are used as decor on the paneled walls but the best place to have your dinner is outside on the sidewalk where you can watch the street life as you enjoy a meal.  The bar is even better but continues the dapper decor and charm.  Wine drinkers will be thrilled with the selection of Chilean vino and all-night partiers will find a crowd of like-minded people to drink with.

Club La Feria

From the time they opened fifteen years ago La Feria has been the place to go for electronic music.  Not only is it popular for dancers, it’s also a destination for DJs and purveyors of electric dance tunes.  The sound system is continually updated to ensure the best atmosphere and the music runs all night

Bar Dos Gardenias

If you’re looking for a place to dance the Salsa, step into Dos Gardenias which has been offering regular Salsa nights for more than 10 years.  They have live music several nights a week and the bar stays open until two or three in the morning.  There are reasonably priced drinks on the menu and enough bar snacks available to keep you fueled for a night of dancing.

Flannery’s Irish Geo Pub

It’s been said that Ireland’s biggest export is pubs and this one is doing its best to make the mother country proud.  Sundays they give “Irish sessions” and Friday is the day for live music.  The rest of the time this is where you’ll want to go for Guinness and the biggest St. Patrick’s Day celebration in the city.  Have a bowl of Irish stew and a side of fajitas with that cream stout for the best of all worlds.

La Piojera

It’s one of the oldest and best dive bars in Santiago and almost a “must go” just to say you’ve been there.  The tables are sticky and crowded with glasses that aren’t collected regularly and a coating of sawdust on the floor hides most of the ominous stains.  It’s always packed with regulars slamming down the house specialties – sweet Chilean cider and terremoto (earthquake) which is something like a wine shake made with ice cream.  Solid bar food is available and there’s a fair amount of spontaneous singing and good-natured contests going on.


This is a very popular bar with a changing theme.  Thursday nights the club throws an indie party and Fridays are for Goth.  Arrive on a Saturday and you never know what you’ll get as it’s reserved for “guilty pleasure” nights and is often a cabaret.  They have great drinks, live music and entertainment for every taste.


An underground discotheque with a variety of musical styles played depending on the DJ.  While you can dance all night, the best idea is to come early to take advantage of the happy hour specials that include most drinks.  Some restaurants comp the door fee but early arrivers rarely pay it anyway and the bar has enough snacks to get you through the night.

Santiago Jazz Club

It’s been around since 1943 and some of the biggest names in jazz have played here including Louis Armstrong and Herbie Hancock.  There’s often live music and it ranges from ragtime to free jazz.  If you’re lucky you’ll happen upon a jam session and be able to listen in on amazing musicians trying to both blend and impress each other at the same time.


It’s the hottest pan Asian spot in the city and it’s full of the hippest Chileans in the chicest fashions.  The waiters in sleek black attire and the luminous neon-blue lighting create a feeling of being in a sort of neo-Japanese futuristic fashion shoot.  Although the interior is exciting and inviting, summer nights in the garden are not something to be passed over.  Take your perfectly poured cocktail or glass of sake outside and drink a toast to your friends in the north – because summer is in January here.


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