If you're sitting at your desk thinking, "Gosh my skin could use a spot of sun", it's probably high time to trade the fluorescent glow of your computer screen for some Vitamin D Sea. 

vitaman sea

If you're keen to trade office chair for hammock and your desk for a beach bar on an off-grid castaway island, you should entertain a visit to the San Blas Islands. Don't be surprised if you've never heard of them until now. They're an archipelago of dream-worthy islands off the Caribbean coast of Panama that still somehow manage to fly under the radar. 

The San Blas cays like to market themselves as 365 islands; one for every day of the year. Truth be told, 365 is only an approximation. (Do you really care?) At last count, 49 are inhabited. Come let the friendly Kuna people teach you a thing or two about laid-back island life.

Here's a little one-and-a-half-minute video to fantasize about, shot by world traveller-drone operator extraordinaire Brayden Hall. He told us, "We were picked up from a boat in Colombia and made our way out to San Blas. The footage in this video was captured at my two favourite islands. We slept in hammocks on the beach, swam with dolphins, and ate lobster. The San Blas Islands are truly paradise."

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Ever played castaway on Panama's San Blas Islands? 

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