As one of Austria's university towns and a hub for innovative new music acts, Salzburg has a bustling nightlife scene to accommodate its young crowd. For the visiting bar fly touring the historic sites in the city, they will be spoiled for choice when it comes to homey little pubs, glittering cocktail bars and especially when it comes to live music venues. With bars around almost every corner, exploration of Salzburg for the visiting bar fly goes from where to find a bar to where to find the best one in the blink of an eye.

Chez Roland for that First Drink

Chez Roland Salzburg

While touring the bars of Salzburg, the Chez Roland should be a bar fly's first stop. Since it opened in the 1970s, Chez Roland has become a Salzburg institution. This bar was the creation of Roland Kubler who was renowned for playing host to some of the most famous names to ever pass through Salzburg, so it's only natural he start his very own bar. Chez Roland is nestled within an old wine cellar with high ceilings to give it a less claustrophobic feel than the average wine cellar. Chez Roland is where visitors go when they want to know more about the city from its locals rather than a tour guide. With friendly regulars and a large selection of both cocktails and Austrian wine, bar flies are sure to learn a thing or two while they indulge in their libations.

Augustiner Brau Biergarten for Beer

Augustiner Brau Biergarten

What better way to experience Austrian beer than to visit an Austrian brewery? Although Augustiner Brau is a brewery that is also part of a monastery, they also host their very own beirgarten, or beer garden, where visitors can come to relax and sample their beer alongside some hearty hot food. The visiting bar fly should follow the queue of the locals and order up one of their huge clay-porcelain mug full of one of their two house brews or get bottle service of other German, Dutch or Austrian beers. Visitors can wash down some of their own in-house made Austrian food or bring their own in themselves to enjoy alongside the beer. This particular beer garden is packed during the summer, as all beer gardens are, but it is also a popular spot in the city during the winter for not just locals but the thousands of tourists that flock to the city to visit it.

Flip Cocktail Bar

Flip Cocktail BarLienbacher Photography

It is no secret that Salzburg is more beer-oriented in its bars than cocktail-oriented. This is what makes the rare cocktail bar such a treasure in the city. Flip Cocktail Bar is a true favourite among locals, especially in the summer when the crowds can spill out into the back garden and onto the patio. However, what keeps the crowds coming is the diverse list of cocktails that is offered within Flip's. Each week they have something new and seasonal on their menu to keep their patrons interested. From strawberry and passion fruit margaritas to drinks with names that are less obvious as to what is in them, the staff shake the cocktails to perfection in the chic, yet relaxed bar area before creating the picture-perfect cocktail. They even have some non-alcoholic options for non-drinkers.

Steinterasse for Drinks with a View

Steinterasse View

For the visiting bar fly that wants to both enjoy a drink and see the city, Steinterasse is a must-visit. This bar is the modern oasis in the heart of old Salzburg. It is renowned for its amazing panoramic views from its hotel building perch on top of the Hotel Stein while still boasting a chilled out atmosphere and beautifully crafted drinks. While this bar books a number of local and internationally famous DJs to heat it up at night, the main attraction of Steinterasse is the view out over the city. However, for the visiting bar fly, this is a great place to sample a selection of colourful cocktails as well as a wine and beer selection from all over the world. Unfortunately, the cocktail prices in the Steinterasse are among some of the highest in the city, but the view of the city is worth it.

Murphy's Law for Drinking in Excess

Murphy's Law Austria

Although an Irish Pub, Murphy's Law proves one of the most popular bars in town. However, it is unlikely that visitors come for their excellent local live music or the generally lively atmosphere. It is more likely that they come for their cheap drinks, the cheapest in the city. This is the bar to visit for the bar flies that likes to drink a lot in one sitting. They sell giant jugs for sangria for CA$13 and host a buy nine pints, get the tenth pint free beer deal. Combined with their all beers and ciders half price at happy hour deal, this is a great place for drinkers to save a lot of money and have a great time with some likeminded penny pinching locals.