Although it is Amsterdam's eternal rival, Rotterdam has built its own outstanding reputation as the number one clubbing city in the Netherlands. Since the 1980s, Rotterdam has been prized as the home of house and dance music, but visiting bar flies don't have to only explore the pulsating nightclubs of the city. There is a bar experience for everyone within Rotterdam's borders if they can draw themselves away from the central city's densely packed club scene to where those who have outgrown it lie.

Maassilo for Rotterdam's Best Nightclub

Maassilo Roterdam Nightclub

For those that do want to explore the city's night clubs and the drinks and dancing within, they won't have much trouble. Rotterdam's nightclubs are infamous for being closely packed together so that they are within easy walking distance of each other. However, for those looking for the best night club around, Maassilo is the name on everyone's lips. This spectacular club venue presents an innovative mix of dance, pop, art and theatre music that meld in one of the biggest parties in the country. It's large, it's loud, it's balmy from all the people packed inside and it's likely to provide for a one of a kind sort of night. The bar in the back is packed and water is often preferred over liquor, but for those who can flag down the bartenders, it is one of the most fun places to get soused in the city.

Eau Lounge for Stylish Cocktails

Eau LoungeEau Lounge

In a more low-key and vastly less crowded bar experience compared to Maassilo and the rest of the club scene, Eau Lounge provides a modern and stylish cocktail bar for the more refined palates of Rotterdam. Nestled in to Rotterdam's Maas Boulevard, one of the most beautiful streets in the city, Eau Lounge is the perfect place to kick back and enjoy the city. Their luxurious lounge sofas provide an excellent view out over the river with coffee, food and cocktails served up anytime. While they serve up the classic cocktails, they also have their own unique menu like the vanilla and passion fruit-laced Pornstar Martini, the lime and vodka Caipirovska, or their rich and decadent Cheesecake cocktail. Each is made with only the finest ingredients and guaranteed to be a picturesque palate pleaser.

Biergarten Rotterdam for Beer

Biergarten RotterdamBiergarten Rotterdam Facebook

The Beirgarten Rotterdam filled a very important void in the city's drinking culture when it opened. Previously, those who wanted to enjoy a pint in a lively and open-air beer garden had to make the trip to Germany, but no more. Biergatern Rotterdam changes with the seasons. In the summer it is open and airy, filled with fresh flowers, fresh air and sunshine while in the winter it is warm and cosy. Regardless of the time, this large establishment is a popular place for club-goers to pre-game cheaply with a few large pints and some alcohol-sopping food. Even for those who aren't heading to the clubs afterwards can enjoy the lively atmosphere and the wide selection of not just German and Dutch, but an array of European beer on tap.

Le Vagabond to Drink Where the DJs Drink

Le Vagabond Rotterdam

With any major nightclub city, there will always be the clubs and the places where the musical and artistic talent of those clubs drink. Le Vagabond has been the most popular dive bar in the city since it opened its door in the 1990. It attract the artists of the city and the DJs who are getting ready for or unwinding from a night at work in some of the most popular clubs in the city. There are music posters and graffiti on the walls, the wood tables and bar tops are covered with carvings and slang, but there is nothing pretentious or ostentatious about Le Vagabond. They book local bands and DJs that have not yet made their mark on the city who play Le Vagabond hoping to get advice and recognition from their more established counterparts, so it is a place where the visitor to Rotterdam may be able to hear the next great thing in the city before even the locals themselves hear it. They serve up simple cocktails and Dutch brews to the thirsty creative minds in the city making for a more than inspiring place to spend a night.

Sijf for the Traditional Pub Experience

Sijf Rotterdam

Located on a quiet side street, Sijf is everything a good pub should be anywhere around the world. Its chocolate brown interior is filled with soft, earthy wood tones accented by gentle lighting that makes it warm and welcoming. Within this welcoming space, the beer is cold, the food is fresh from the surrounding area and flavourful and the service is quick and always a bit chatty with anyone that comes in. From early in the morning to late into the night, Sijf offers up hearty food and great drinks to those that come in, both older residents and young club goers. This pub is the best place in the city to get the most diverse taste of those who call Rotterdam home as well as get an experienced palate for Dutch beer.