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Have you ever dreamt of the perfect beach town? Who am I kidding? Of course you have – you’re in Canada after all, and right about now you’re likely freezing.

But you know what I mean. That charming place where you can eat dinner under swaying palms and breathe in that clean ocean air; where it’s warm enough to wear a sundress or shorts, but breezy enough that, when the sun sets, a nice cardigan will do. It's a place that's large enough to be interesting, yet quaint and cozy enough that people still wave “hello” when they walk by. They’re the beachy edition of your own personal paradise, and if we’re honest, there’s a reason we have to dream them up; towns like this are almost too good to be true. That is… until you get to Delray Beach.

Seagate Hotel & Spa

With its sapphire waters, two-mile stretch of white sand beach, and pedestrian-friendly Atlantic Avenue’s shops, art galleries and restaurants, Delray Beach is as beautiful during sunrise - when the town just starts to wake up - as it is in the evenings, when Atlantic Avenue comes alive with families, couples and friends. Delray Beach is an enchanting destination for any type of traveler, but spend one night there and you’ll be convinced: it’s just perfect for lovers.

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And in a place so beautiful, what’s a romantic weekend without a little privacy?

Sitting right on East Atlantic Avenue, perfectly poised between the Atlantic Ocean and the straightaway's restaurants and bars, is the ultimate hideaway for a romantic getaway in Delray Beach: The Seagate Hotel & Spa

Even with its white, regal facade, the hotel blends right into Atlantic Avenue’s neighborhood restaurants and boutique shops. Walk through its doors off Atlantic Avenue, and it’s even more discreet; instead of an obvious lobby, you’ll find two restaurants, a casual grab-and-go eatery and Atlantic Grille, the hotel’s haute seafood restaurant. Just beyond them, round the corner and after a short maze of hallways, you’ll stumble upon the lobby: a relaxed space with a sprawling, luminescent aquarium that’s as demure and welcoming as the friendly faces waving you over to check you in.

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But that’s just your vacation foreplay.

Explore the property, hand in hand, and you’ll find that Seagate Hotel & Spa is nothing short of a tropical oasis, one with swaying palms, bright green ferns, bubbling fountains and colorful South Florida flowers everywhere you turn.

Seagate Hotel & Spa

Adding to its exclusivity, just a short walk away is the hotel's private Bahamian-tinged Seagate Beach Club. Hop on a two-person kayak, soar through the air on kiteboards, dive in the ocean and snorkel with the fish, surf the Atlantic Ocean waves, or simply relax by the beachfront pool and take it all in. At The Seagate, the world is your oyster – no (seaside) pun, intended.

Playful couples might work up some friendly competition at the Seagate Country Club. Whether you hit the links or rally on the tennis court, why not wager a bet? Loser picks up the tab for a baked apple blossom at clubhouse. 

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And the inside of the hotel is just as beach-chic as the outside. Make an appointment at the serene on-site spa, where you can relax in the full wet room, take a yoga class, or treat yourself to Seagate Spa’s signature treatment, a Hot Shell massage.

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When you’re done, get lost in the hotel’s sea-centric decor and you’ll inevitably stumble upon a taste of the ocean right there in front of you: the aquariums. In addition to the lobby’s 2,500-gallon tank, find three others; a 500-gallon grand hall aquarium with Morey eels, a 750-gallon aquarium with wild lionfish, and even a 450-gallon option in Atlantic Grille, teeming with tranquil, glowing jellyfish that add to the restaurant’s intriguing, and intimate, ambiance.

Seagate Hotel & Spa

Of course, nothing is more intimate on a romantic escape than the rooms, themselves. An oasis of comfort, Seagate’s 154 lavish rooms leave nothing to the imagination. Each room is clad in white textures, made of only the finest materials, while Egyptian cotton linens, private bars, plush robes, mahogany accents, and marble and stone bathrooms with oversized bathtubs (built for two!) create a backdrop of a quiet, but inarguable luxury. Because as any couple knows, there’s nothing better on a romantic holiday than these two things: a little bit of solitude and everything you could ask for, right at your fingertips.


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Escape to The Seagate Hotel & Spa in Delray Beach, Florida, where you’ll enjoy everything you’d expect from a luxury resort with the intimate feeling of a private retreat. Plan your getaway today! View our current packages here.