To start a new gaming attraction in the world’s most competitive gaming market takes not only serious ambition, but serious funding. Come anywhere near one of the Strip’s newest resort casino hotels, the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, and you’ll know its creators had both.

First and foremost, the Cosmopolitan is about luxury. The resort features not one but three attraction swimming pools, the Bamboo, Boulevard and DayClub Pools. The Bamboo Pool features a desert landscape and a canyon-like feel that makes every guest feel the seclusion of a natural hotspring. Private cabanas each feature a flat-screen TV and iPod docks. The DayClub pool features performances by world-renowned DJs and a vibrant club feel with special night-time events.

The Boulevard Pool is just as luxurious as the other two, with a jaw-dropping view of the city and an attached recreation centre, but will also be a live venue. Watch some of the world’s hottest bands in an intimate environment with solid acoustics and, of course, unmatched comfort. World-class musical acts like Flogging Molly will accompany fresh-cooked cuisine to give every day at the Boulevard Pool the feeling of the best backyard barbeque in the world. This concert series, called Set Your Life To Music, will run starting April 18, 2013.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas2The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitan casino is nearly 10,000 square metres, and acts as the building’s entrance. It features electronic games from penny slots to $500 video poker tables, and games ranging from classics like baccarat to specialties like Casino War. Of course, gaming these days means much more than card games and slot machines. The Cosmopolitan of Last Vegas has invested heavily in the latest in betting technology, allowing the Race & Sports Book by Cantor to easily place bets right up to the cut-off time.

All this is available to the average wanderer off the street, but those in search of a more tailored experience can plan ahead to get even more out of a visit to this gambler’s paradise. The Identity Membership Series gives visitors access to giveaways and dining opportunities, a rotating list of offers and incentives aimed at making it as easy as possible to get out and get gaming. For instance, the Cosmopolitan is running a new promotion for anyone who loses more than U.S. $100 in day – if you’re an identity member, they offer a one-time reimbursement in Casino credit.

Until September, make sure to check out their Sun-Drenched on the Strip package, which includes a high-quality pool bag and a number of special local offers. For more information visit