The city of Philadelphia is packed with not only fun but atmospheric bars in which locals and visiting barflies alike can enjoy.

Sassafras for 1920's Charm


Sassafras manages to pack all the charm that came with America's 1920's prohibition-era in one now perfectly legal speakeasy-style establishment. The bar is thin, dim and quintessentially cosy, everything you would expect from a drinking establishment hidden behind some other business. To complete the illusion, the wait staff are all done up in waist aprons and black ties behind the antique cherry wood bar serving up special cocktails and a wide array of beer, everything from craft brewed to commercial. For those who choose to partake in the eclectic menu of burgers at Sassafras, the bartenders are all more than willing to recommend a brew that pairs well with their specialty bison or ostrich burgers.

Sugar Mom's for Drunken Pac Man

What better combination could there be than drinks and arcade video games? From the outside, Sugar Mom's is easily overlooked. There are a couple of potted flowers and a neon Pabst sign, but not much else that shows that this is any kind of drinking establishment. However, once visitors wander on inside, it is an absolute playground for adults. Visitors can enjoy their impressively large collection of old arcade game machines, or just stick to having a drink as they lounge on a couch or in a bumper car. For the gamer that also happens to be a visiting barfly in Philly, there is no better place to grab a drink. Even those who only mildly enjoy arcade gaming will be happy enjoying the very random decor on the inside of Sugar Mom's.

Eulogy for Beer

Euology Philadelphia

With tan pillars and bright red framing, Eulogy is definitely a bar that can't be missed while walking down the street. Its tavern design runs inside and out, but that is not what draws the beer-crazed masses of Philly inside, it's likely their extensive brew collection. With 22 tap lines and over 400 bottles, it's needless to say that Eulogy has a dedication to beer. They particularly specialize in Belgian brews that can't be found often in the United States, but they have a beer to fit everyone's palate with bartenders that will be helpful in finding that brew for their guests. Eulogy's collection of beer is only complimented its menu of excellent pub grub such as their Belgian-style fries and a surprisingly big pot of steamed mussels.

The Twisted Tail for Southern Comfort

The Twisted Tail brings a touch of the south to Philadelphia with their establishment. This bar is a southern-inspired bourbon house and juke joint that serves up southern hospitality at its finest. Visitors come for the whiskey (of which they have 90 different varieties), relaxed atmosphere and live Blues music, but the food helps keep barflies there. With crawfish mac and cheese, country barbeque spare ribs and charcoal grilled asparagus paired with Berkshire pork belly, the Twisted Tail is the perfect place to feel right at home in the city. However, the Twisted Tail isn't just a whiskey bar; they are making some serious waves amongst Philadelphia's bar scene with their seasonal in-house cocktails like The Rubino Rosemary Vodka or Blueberry Gin.

Bob and Barbara's

Barflies drinking their way through Philly will see the "Citywide Special" on every drink menu in almost every bar in town. This consists of a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon and a shot of Jim Beam and Bob and Barbara's is that creator of this beloved Philly special. Bob and Barbara's is your typical dive bar, but it doesn't serve a few die hard patrons, it serves the city. This particular bar is always packed and on the nights where they host live music, the crowds spill out into the street. Guests won't find many super fancy cocktails here, but they will find the beating heart of Philadelphia's working class.

Hop Sing Laundromat for Cocktails

For the serious cocktail connoisseur, it is time to head to what is frequently lauded as the best bar in the city. Hop Sing Laundromat, if nothing else, is quite the experience. Its door in Chinatown is unmarked and locked to outsiders. In order to get in, visitors must ring the bell where the proprietor Lee will then judge your dress. Those who want to get in better be dressed sharply if they have any hope. If they manage to get in, they'll receive a lecture of the house rules such as no cell phone conversations and the bar is cash only, then finally they'll be able to get a drink. Their cocktails are all innovative, cleverly prepared and served with all the panache and pomp that one expects from a classy cocktail bar.