Where are travellers going in 2020 – and why? 

According to Virtuoso's Luxe Report (one of the travel industry's most trusted annual forecasting reports) the top travel motivations for luxury travellers were revealed to be "untouristed and unexpected," "country coupling," tasty travels, group getaways and "EQ encounters." Croatia, Antarctica, Iceland, Japan and Portugal were identified as the top emerging destinations while Italy was crowned the number one global destination, an unmovable ranking it has held for years. 

In celebration of a new year of travel, we've collaborated with Collette, which is recognizing its 102 season of guided travel. Here are four brand new and inspired itineraries which pair perfectly with Virtuoso’s predictions for 2020.

Trend: "Untouristed and Unexpected"


When so much of our world feels completely geo- and hashtagged, many travellers are on the hunt for the new and the novel, the untouristed and unexpected. Located off the coast of Portugal, the Azores appeal to amateur adventurers and adrenaline junkies alike. As you'll discover, the islands abound with unspoiled natural wonders. On the The Azores: Jewels of Portugal itinerary (10 days), you'll swim in volcanic pools, descend into an ancient lava tube, eat a lunch warmed by geothermal heat and spend the night in a house made of ancient rock. Far from the crowds, you'll feel as if everything was created just for you.

Trend: "Country Coupling"

TallinTallinn, Estonia | Nikola Johnny Mirkovic

We know, travel is extremely addictive. So often, you’re just one border away from a new adventure – which is why we agree that country coupling is set to trend in 2020. Enter Collette’s multi-country The Baltics Revealed itinerary, an 11-day trip that traverses borders and centuries. This itinerary not only showcases the best of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia, but offers a range of experiential tourism. Every day reveals something new, from cobblestone streets in UNESCO World Heritage sites to fresh-harvested bog berries to a visit to Europe’s oldest continuously working apothecary. Oh, and an island castle lifted straight out of Disney. It’s like 20 trips in one.

Trend: "EQ Encounters"

HvarHvar, Croatia | Cody Black

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts,” concluded Mark Twain at the end of The Innocents Abroad. Some 150 years later, his words ring truer than ever. Twenty-first century travellers long for meaningful connections that will enhance their emotional intelligence (EQ) while building bridges across cultures. Collette’s 12-day Croatia & Its Islands itinerary is designed to do that and more. You'll experience the country’s jaw-dropping beauty as well as its art and culture, learn about traditional uses of lavender and other crops, and dine at family-run restaurants. Croatia consistently ranks high on millennial bucket lists and has emerged as a global destination for travellers of all ages – so it’s right on trend for 2020.

Trend: "Tasty Travels"

Italy foodLake Como | Fallon Travels

Pizza, pasta, prosciutto – oh my! If it’s eating you're after, then Italy is an obvious and eternally popular choice, yet again nabbing the report’s “top global destination” distinction. Indeed, culinary excursions are no longer considered a trip add-on, but rather the primary focus, with travellers picking places precisely for the opportunity to sip, sample and savour. Collette’s new 9-day Northern Italy and Its Lakes itinerary combines guided exploration of landmarks like St. Mark’s Square and the Basilica of St. Anthony with ample free time – ideal for making a reservation at the latest Michelin-starred restaurant or ducking into a small café to contemplate a cappuccino.
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Presented in collaboration with Collette.