If you consider yourself a "traveller", the call to explore the world is one you hear every...single...day. But between careers, kids and other responsibilities (ie. adulting), your sense of wanderlust might be bigger than your bank account and vacation time allows for. 

So, although we can’t travel to a new corner of the globe every day, we can make a trip to the movie theatre. And with “Passport to the World,” that’s almost the same thing.


What is Passport to the World?

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From South America to the USA to the Loire castles in France, “Passport to the World” is a visually stunning travel film series that showcases both famous and off-the-beaten-path destinations. The films play out on cinema screens across Canada and run 75-90 minutes in duration.

Movie-lovers and Canadian travellers will be treated to spectacular global destinations. This unique series allows you to see the world for the price of a movie ticket. 

Presented in both English and French, “Passport to the World” acts as a sort of visual travel book. Each film profiles iconic sites that might be familiar to the viewer while taking a deep dive into the destination's rich traditions, nuanced histories, natural splendor, and vibrant local culture. Professionally-shot high-quality images and sound bring the world a little closer to home. 

With roots that date back to 2012, “Passport to the World” was officially incorporated in 2016. Its first series launched in 2017. Now, 2018 is gearing up to feature incredible destinations you won’t want to miss.


Where can I watch?

where can i watch

“Passport to the World” will be screened at over 100 movie theatres in some 90 cities across the country. Canadians as far west as Courtenay and as far east as St. Johns will be able to watch.

Films will be played at a variety of theatres including the major players: Cineplex, Landmark, Guzzo and Imagine. 

Although every theatre is different, most include comfortable seats and food and beverage sales to view the world from. 

To find the nearest participating theatre to you, click here 


Where are we "travelling" to?

To begin the new year, “Passport to the World” is taking viewers to South America, the Atlantic Ocean, North America and Europe.

Bolivia: From the Altiplano to the Amazon

Bolivia: From the Altiplano to the AmazonHélène and Christian Goubier

January 2018
82 minutes
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From the large wild spaces of the Altiplano to the green expanse of the Amazon and the highest mountains of the Andes, Bolivia offers spectacular nature and colourful traditions. Its population, largely Quechua and Aymara, adds a unique character to the country. Experience an epic voyage from West to East while discovering incomparable landscapes.

Atlantic Journey: A Discovery of Coasts, Islands, and Sea

Atlantic Journey: A Discovery of Coasts, Islands, and SeaChloé Leduc

February 2018
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Follow the daily lives of a crew during a two-month trip across the Atlantic Ocean. See the crew board the ship, passing along coasts and islands, all the way to the heart of the French Antilles. Be a part of this unique nautical discovery of cultures and the ocean.

Utah: Natural Contrasts

Utah: Natural ContrastsUtah Office of Tourism

March 2018
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Utah is renowned for its contrasting geological diversity. On one side, numerous snow-capped mountains surround Salt Lake City, the state capital. On the other, arid deserts give way to spectacular rock formations. Utah’s geological diversity is in contrast with its people, who for the most part live in urban areas and share a Mormon faith.


Chateau of the Loire: Royal Visit

Chateau of the Loire: Royal VisitPhilippe Brousseaud - CRT Centre/Val de Loire

April 2018
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The Loire Valley was the playground of kings for three centuries, spurring the construction of countless castles. The region also boasts imposing medieval cities, a majestic religious heritage, as well as renowned cuisine and vineyards. Live like royalty during a trip into the heart of history.


For more information on upcoming movies and to read film synopses, follow this link: filmpttw.com/films 


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