From the old-fashioned corstieres to the tiniest of boudoirs, every quarter of Paris has at least one lingerie boutique. The city has maintained a long tradition of silk and lace by placing quality above anything else. So, where can shoppers go to see what is underneath it all in Paris?

Aubade Bocquet

Aubade has a long history in Paris after it was founded in 1875 as a girdle and corset maker. The store became famed in the city for introducing lingerie in bright colours and printed motifs, essentially making them the creator of the eternally popular leopard print lingerie. This high-end French brand has been a favourite among Parisians for years and there are small boutiques located throughout the city. Aside from the quality of their products, Aubade has made sure that their friendly staff are adept at advising men what to buy for their special ladies.


Cadolle's founder Herminie Cadolle is credited with inventing the modern bra, thus freeing woman from the tyranny of the corset. Soon after, she became the fitter of bras for queens, princesses and other women of everlasting fame. Four generations later, the Cadolles still run their little red and gold boutique and still provide some of the best brassieres in the world. These high quality bras are all custom made and custom fit, usually to create the perfect bra that lifts, supports and moulds to a woman's body. However, this perfection doesn't come from just one fitting. It usually takes a few fittings to assure that the bras are absolutely perfect for the customer. While visiting the shop for these fittings may be a hassle, there is nowhere else in the world where women can get such a great-fitting, gorgeous and durable bra.

Carine Gilson

Gilson's lingerie is gorgeous, completely handmade using only the finest natural silks and French lace - and outrageously expensive. However, when buying lingerie from Gilson's shoppers get what they pay for. The lingerie is made of the finest materials and designed in a romantic and refined style that features wispy, near-transparents and peachy satins with lacy motifs. A purchase of lingerie from Carine Gilson's may be expensive, but it is sure to pay itself off tenfold in comfort, style and seduction.

Chantal Thomass Archimedia

This modern boutique is strategically placed next to fashionista-favourite, Collete. Chantal Thomass is one of the pioneers in designing underwear as fashion. While most lingerie shops lure visitors by being sultry and seductive, the creations of Chantal Thomass are fun and flirty. Their designs utilize bright and sexy colours, but with plenty or ivory, black lace and clever pleats to keep traditionalist happy. While their modern designs draw new shoppers in, it is their sculptured bras that keep them coming back. These custom fit bras are stylish but so form-fitting that even in the tightest of dresses, no one will even know they are there.


For some time, Eres has been synonymous with body sculpting swimwear. Anyone who is anyone visits Eres in Paris before tripping down to the beautiful beaches in the south of France. However, in the 90s they branched out into lingerie. They specialize in pared-back and modern designs with innovative use of fabric and near-nude shades to add a little extra spice.


With 4,500 stores in 40 countries, Etam is the largest lingerie chain in France with their flagship store located in Paris. While they sell nightwear like luxurious, yet grandmotherly fleece bathrobes and nightgowns, they have enough satin and lace to please any lady. Etam has been pleasing women for generations by providing a one-stop-shop for absolutely everything needed in the bedroom.


This shop is for those who want to look sexy, but don't want to fuss with all the clasps and latches that normally go along with high quality lingerie - all while respecting the purse of more frugal shoppers. Shoppers are not only drawn by their affordable prices and unique designs, but also by their commitment to sustainability, which is more than obvious in their choice of using natural tones and bamboo fabrics.

Fifi Chachnil

Fifi Chachnil specializes in fun and flirtatious lingerie with just a hint of that timeless 1950s style. Chachnil, who is famous for creating the wispy costumes for the Crazy Horse cabaret revue, filled this gloriously frilly boutique with lingerie featuring polka dot details and contrasting ribbon bows. All of these 50s era details are intermixed with sleek modern designs that make lingerie from this shop some of the most unique.

Louise Feuillere

The fashion boutique of Louise Feuillere is located far from the well-worn fashion trails in Paris, but it's well worth the trip. This lingerie shop carries bras, corsets and bustiers that are an incredible meeting of both exquisite craftsmanship and sexiness. There are hints at the 1800s in the design of their corsets and serretailes, but everything has been rendered and updated in modern fabrics and colours. While Louise Feuillere is beloved for their lingerie, their true specialty is ensuring that each piece is the perfect fit for their customers.

Princesse Tam Tam

Princesse Tam Tam's lingerie and swimwear is designed in young, fun and affordable styles, but it is also charmingly evocative of the 1950s. High-waisted culottes, pointy bras in graphic prints and dainty boxers are all present but redone in modern materials and colours. With styles that change each season, their young yet elegant fashions are sure to make a girl feel sexy while still being all about her comfort.

Sabbia Rosa

This pale green fronted shop on St Germain des Pres is the frequent stop of fashionistas and movie stars alike. Connoisseurs of fine lingerie consider Sabbia Rosa the ultimate experience in sensuality. This shop only does sur-measure, which means that everything is custom made for shoppers. Inside, the shop shows off delicate satin negligees, silk bustiers in vibrant colours and panties trimmed in delicate creamy coloured lace.