Nestled in the Coachella Valley, Palm Springs is a beautiful desert resort town. Each year, visitors flock to this oasis for world-class golf and games of tennis and to be pampered at luxurious spas. Here are some of the best apps to help you make the very most of your time in Palm Springs...

Visit Palm Springs Lebreton

Visit Palm Spring is a travel guide app for the city, created by the city. This easily-navigated app showcases hotels, dining options, the best places to shop and where to go to have some fun. When app users find something they truly love and want to visit again, the app allows easy bookmarking so that they can always find it again. It also features hot deals and an events calendar. With the app's "What's Nearby" feature, those who despise planning will always be able to find something neat around their location. The app also provides a direct feed to the Palm Springs official Facebook and Twitter pages. As this app was developed by the city of Palm Springs, it is available for free on iPhone and Android devices.

Pamper Palm Springs

Being the resort town that it is, the people of Palm Springs enjoy their resorts and spas. So naturally, when it comes for finding the good ones, there is an app for that. From massages to steams, there a spa for every sort of mood. The Pamper app helps visitors find the treatment they want and where they can get it. For example, if app users are interested in a deep tissue Swedish massage, they just check the box for it and the app will spit out all the resorts that offer that treatment. Users can give the facilities a ranking on overall quality of service or the individual treatment so other app users can be assured that they are going to the best possible spa. In a town full of resorts and spa, the Pamper app really helps visitors separate the trash from the quality. This app is available for $0.99 for iPhone and Android devices.

El Paseo Palm Desert Shopping

el Sableman

El Paseo is the hottest avenue in Palm Springs. From exquisite dining to elegant shopping, El Paseo indulges every sense. Luxury labels are packed in like sardines and with all the fashionistas that this area attracts, it has also also attracted some of California's top chefs. The El Paseo app helps visitors and locals alike to navigate this shopping thoroughfare. The app lists all the hot restaurants and fashion boutiques in the area and gives overall price ranges and descriptions for them. The most useful feature on the El Paseo app is its 'Hot Deals' section. It shows what stores are having sales and how much visitors can save. This is handy for those that don't exactly have haute couture fashion money, but still want it. This app is available for $1.99 for Android and iPhone devices.

Palm Springs Modern: Mid-Century Architecture Tours's World Trip

Visitors can tell just by looking around Palm Springs that it is home to some beautiful architecture, however finding out information about these buildings can be a task unless visitors happen to be touring with an architect. Luckily, there are a few app developers that are passionate about the buildings in this resort town. They created the Palm Springs Modern app to assure that curious visitors are privilege to all the information about the city and its buildings. This app hosts a massive list of 80 guided tours that showcase the city's mid-century architecture and landmarks. Visitors can tour the city based on their location, choose an architect that interests them or create their own custom itinerary. The app gives pictures and step by step directions so that app users can find the landmark and know it when they see it. Once at the landmark, the app provides an audio guide. This app is available for $4.99 for iPhone and Android devices. It is a hefty price tag, but for the amount of information app users are getting, it is well worth it.

Palm Springs Life Zebest

For more than 50 years, Palm Springs Life magazine has celebrated the Southern California lifestyle that defines the city of Palm Springs by serving up the latest coverage of fashion, dining, architecture, interior design, art and culture. Palm Springs Life has earned the label of "California's Prestige Magazine." While visitors to Palm Springs can find the latest issue of Palm Springs Life on every new rack in the city, the magazine has made sure that it is available right at its reader's finger tips. With the Palm Springs Life app, smart phone users are privileged to all the hot new stories from both their website and their print magazine. Visitors will know what restaurants, stores and activities are popular in the city during their visit so that they can treat themselves to the best possible experience. This app is available for iPhone and Android devices for $1.99 per issue or $19.99 for a 12-month subscription.

Palm Springs Life's Desert Guide

This app, brought to the masses by Palm Spring Life magazine, is the most complete travel guide to the Palm Springs desert resort area. This guide covers all the resorts in the area with ratings from luxury experts, as well as allowing for app users to submit their own ratings and reviews. This guide, updated monthly, covers monthly events, attractions, shopping and golf tee times for all of the great resorts in the area. While the Palm Springs Life magazine is quite pricey on the app store, they offer this guide for free on the app store for Android and iPhone devices.

CaddiePal Palm Springs Golf photo

In Palm Springs and the area surrounding the city there are nearly 100 different golf courses just waiting to be played. With such a collection of different courses, Palm Springs has become a hot spot for golf enthusiasts. The CaddiePal app provides cutting edge GPS yardage and scoring for all of the public and private Palm Springs region golf courses. The app provides directions and information on each golf course within the app and includes some world famous ones like Bighorn Golf Club, La Quinta Golf Club and the prestigious Palms Golf Club. This handy little companion app is available for free for iPhone and Android devices.

Palm Springs Street Map Sableman

While apps that find attractions are always fun, sometimes visitors to a city just need a little guidance. This app provides a basic map of the city that shows street names and businesses, but its most useful feature is the ability to find amenities. Visitors can choose what they are looking for like hospitals, cinemas or ATMs. The app can also be adjusted to show only those facilities within the area of the smart phone users. This app is available for $2.99 on the app store for iPhone and Android devices.