It is certainly no Paris or Rome, but Oregon isn't without its ability to romance people and allow them to romance others in its surroundings. The state provides unique and romantic venue for people that can't afford or don't want to travel across the world for a huge romantic getaway. Oregon is simple and natural, the way that love should be. So where in Oregon can lovers fall in love?

Get a Private Slice of Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach

Out of Oregon's entire sprawling coastline, Cannon Beach is the most popular. It is renowned for its North Pacific beauty and swimming in the warmer months. However, with popularity come the crowds. For lovers who don't mind the crowds of families, Cannon Beach is an excellent place to play, but there is a more secluded option. On the far southern section of Cannon Beach, visitors will spot some hemlocks which fool many into thinking that is where the beach ends. However, for those that hike through it, they will reach basalt slabs and tall, beautiful cliffs that overlook the ocean. One of these massive basalt slabs has a hole in it that has a path that leads down to a private stretch of sand that is Cannon Beach's most southern point. Due to the hike that it takes to get there, visitors are likely not to find another soul. The spit of sand is sandwiched by cliffs and it is a perfect oceanside escape for lovers in Oregon.

Imbibe in Willamette Valley - Oregon's Wine Country

Yamhill Valley Vineyards

While not as famous as the wine country down south in California, Oregon does host a blossoming region in the Willamette Valley where visitors will find lush vineyards, farms and people passionate about crafting quality wine. The Willamette Valley is particularly famous for producing some of the finest vintages of Pinot Noir, as the grapes grow particularly well here, but the hundreds of different wineries grow and produce every type of wine that visitors can imagine. Through the three wine trails in the region, couples can fully explore what it has to offer or they can just pluck out whatever winery they happen to be close to. What is equally as fantastic at the wine from these vineyards is that they usually offer some great food. From artisanal cheeses to full-fledged farm-to-table restaurants, most wineries offer a true taste Oregon paired alongside their wines. Couples should make a beeline to wineries like Domaine Drouhin, Yamhill Valley Vineyards or Penner-Ash Wine Cellars. All of them are praised as some of the finest establishments in Oregon not just for their wines or food, but for the natural beauty of their vineyards. Something that we all know really makes or breaks a romantic trip to wine country.

Take in a Hot Spring

Bagby Hot Springs

Oregon has a serious love affair with spas. Visitors will find them in the cities, nestled within thick forests and even on mountains. While these serve as excellent places for romance and relaxation, there is a better option for both still out there in Oregon's natural landscape. Oregon is dotted with natural hot springs, some are well-kept secrets among a select few, but there are plenty that couples can visit for that natural spa experience. These hot springs host enriching minerals in the water, but in its purest form, there is nothing more fun that soaking in what is essentially a real big natural hot bath. While many hot springs are never too far from a spa, couples who want the traditional natural approach should head to Bagby Hot Springs. Although Bagby is one of the most beloved hot springs in the state, it is relatively secluded which keeps the crowds down. Only accessible by a few kilometer hike, the hot spring is surrounded by a cabin that keeps weather off and steam in. The hot spring is technically more of a hot stream; at 60 degrees Celsius the water flows downhill over rocks into massive oaken tubs where it cools to more comfortable levels allowing visitors to have a soothing soak.

Get Cultural in Ashland

Ashland Oregon

While Portland may be packed with sexy boutique hotels and restaurants perfect for date night, lovers don't really get that small town feel that makes Oregon so unique and gives it that simple intrinsic romance. Ashland is the best alternative for those that were considering a romantic getaway in Portland. This town is renowned for hosting the massive Oregon Shakespeare Festival in the oldest and largest theatres in the country, but even those who don't visit during the event will find that the Shakespearian culture stays behind all year long. The theatre regularly holds plays that attract locals and those from surrounding towns, but the theatre and soaking in the small town charm is not the only activity in Ashland. Outside the city, couples can hike Crater Lake; the most famous and scenic leg of the Pacific Crest Trail, as well as enjoy river rafting, biking and the ski slopes around Mount Ashland. With quaint B&B's and romantic little cafes, Ashland is easily one of the best towns in Oregon to build a new romance or rekindle an old flame.