There are hundreds of ways to see a new city, but there is none more special and easy-going than by private car. Luxury sedans and limousines have become so commonplace that they don't really feel special anymore, so some cities around the world are now taking some of their most iconic and beloved cars and providing visitors with a unique opportunity to tour around in them. For those looking for a unique way and some unique wheels to see a new city, here are some of the best.

Touring Paris in a Citroen 2CV gaioum

Visitors to Paris can experience the city in a one and a half hour private tour conducted in their beautiful, vintage Duex Chevaux Citroen 2CV car. The 2CV took France by storm when it rolled out in the 1940s by being both economical and attention-grabbing in design. While their looks have changed over the years, guests will be cruising around in the original model that is so deeply rooted in French affection.

While cruising around in their soft-top vintage 2CV, guests can sit back and relax while their own personal driver takes them around the city. The driver is also a licensed tour guide who will take guests to all the iconic Parisian sights and talk about the history of the city. The tour allows for their guests to choose their departure time, picking them right up from their hotel and will make sure they see everything they want, including the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Opera Garnier and more, while also allowing for frequent photo stops.

Cruising Around Berlin in a Mustang Convertible Shawn Rossi

There is no better way to get familiar with Berlin than to partake in their premiere 'Mustang Safari.' This is no ordinary car tour where the guide stays firmly seated behind the wheel while guests cram into the back trying to get a good view. Everyone who wants a chance to drive gets one as this two-hour tour cruises around Berlin in a vintage 1966 Mustang Convertible.

The tour operates as a convoy of Mustang glory. The tour guide will be in his own Mustang, leading the tour group convoy as they each drive their own. Those who don't want to drive (for some reason) can ride as a passenger in one. As the convoy cruises past sights like the Allied boundaries of the British Quarter, the ruins of the Berlin Wall and through the hip neighborhood of Kreuzberg, the tour guide will comment on the sights and the history of the area over a handheld radio. In this way, guests don't have to cram into one car to hear the tour or miss out on it when driving their own car either.

Classic Car Tour of Los Angeles Bob Jagendorf

It's hard to stand out in Los Angeles, but easy to get lost in subpar tours. To see the City of Angels in real style, visitors should head for the Classic Car Tour. This four hour long private and personalized tour takes groups of up to five people all around Los Angeles in a classic Cadillac convertible.

In this classic car tour, there is no way that guests will blend in with the crowd. They will feel like quite the star as they tour iconic Los Angeles sights like Hollywood, the Sunset Strip, Rodeo Drive and more. The tour offers free pickup from West Side hotels and private residences in the area and guests are even invited to take their turns driving this classic Caddy if they get bored of seeing the sights.

Do Sweden in a Vintage Volvo JOHN LLOYD

In the oft forgotten about town of Gothenburg, Sweden, they have found their own way to jazz up sightseeing tours for their guests. There is no better way to see classic Sweden than in what is coined as the Swedish people's car. In this case, the Swedish people's car is the 1957 vintage Volvo.

The West Coast city of Gothenburg is still home to Volvo headquarters, so it seems only fitting that guests tour around in the stunning PV 444/544 Volvo that was manufactured from 1947 to 1965. Paired with the old cars is an old style, the tour guide arrives in a lovely - albeit a bit humorous - period costume complete with tweed jacket, newsboy cap and a neatly trimmed mustache. Guests are invited to browse through his suitcase of 1960s accessories and don driving scarves and hats.

Everyone who wants to drive one of these vintage Volvos is invited to do so as they compile a caravan of classic cars. The actual guide of the city is conducted over the radio, so everyone can hear. As the tour gets underway, guests can drive through scenic country roads on the outskirts of the city before being treated to sights such as Stena Line ferries dock and the classy Avenyn Boulevard, as well as a lengthy detour to the Volvo Headquarters, naturally.

Prague Historical Tour in Vintage Vehicles Hammonds

The History Trip Company in Prague specializes in informative and romantic sightseeing tours around the city. These historic tours are made more attractive by being conducted in historic vehicles. In their luxury hot rod convertibles, visitors can choose to see Prague's wonderful attractions, like Judish Town, the Old Town and Wenceslas Square. Each tour includes stops at a lovely Czech pub and dinner at the romantic Mala Strana restaurant. As guests are chauffeured around the city, they are sure to feel like a superstar.