Israel Food


Traditional Israeli meals are some of the most diversely flavorful and hearty foods you can ever hope to enjoy. Israeli cuisine focuses on a wide array of various combinations of flavors and textures including fish, eggs, artisan bread, cheeses, and more. Israeli cuisine is quite healthy, featuring many dishes that focus on raw foods, like fruits and veggies, healthy fats like avocados and olive oil, lean cuts of protein, and more. As you read this article, you'll learn more about what modern and traditional Israeli cuisine entails and some of the best restaurants to enjoy it.


The History of Israeli Cuisine

After finally becoming independent and receiving official recognition as a separate state in the late 1940's, Israel showcased a plethora of different culinary influences. Despite being a Jewish state, various cultures and ethnic groups had lived in this area long before the establishment of Israel as a state. Aside from Jews, other cultural groups migrated to this state including Persians, Arabs, Russians, Romanians, and more. Therefore, these groups of people significantly influenced Israeli dishes that resulted in an increased emphasis on locally caught fish, meat, olives, fruits, and veggies.

A prime example of an Israeli restaurant that features both contemporary and traditional cuisine is Messa in Tel Aviv. Messa's immense menu is sure to satisfy any palate, featuring artichoke fondue with Blue Bavarian pasta, focaccia, parmesan poached eggs with eggplant, purple calamari with foie gras, seared tuna and papaya salad, caramelized salmon with coconut cream, bass with shallot and olive ravioli, fish kebabs with yogurt and lemon zest, sashimi with veggies, baklava with cinnamon, and more. There's no denying that Messa showcases an abundance of meals that would amaze any foodie.

Another restaurant in Israel's Tel Aviv that features meals with traditional and modern Israeli twists is Toto. Toto advertises a variety of pizzas, fish, pastas, meat entrees, and more. Some of the most praiseworthy menu items include burnt eggplant with feta, pizza topped with salami and chili, ox tail tortellini with veal stock, blue fin tuna tartar, a red wine infused hamburger, and more. In addition to a mouthwatering list of Israeli entrees, Toto also has a remarkable dessert menu. Some desserts found at Toto include flan with brioche and chocolate ganache, chocolate cake with sour cream, mascarpone chestnut pastry, fruit sorbet, and more. After a full feast of dinner and dessert, wine is a critical component in finishing the true Israeli experience. Luckily, Toto has an impressive wine menu that includes several pink, white, sparkling, and red wines.

Clearly, Israeli cuisine offers an unbeatable culinary experience. With such a historical background that includes countless ethnic influences, you can be sure that your Tel Aviv meal will provide a nice blend of textures, flavors, and culture.